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    Benoit's dad hopes tests explain killings

    WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit and Family Found Dead in Home - RIP Crippler WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit and Family Found Dead in Home
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    RIP James Brown

    Here is the story. This is really sad and I wish his family the best, there will never be another person like him. If anyone posts anything disrespectful about James Brown, I will get the admins to ban you.
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    Allright a buddy of mine gave me a kick ass dark wave mix and the last cd has no artist names and I'm kinda 'anal" about that so here is the tracklist and hopefully you guys can help me out, if you need any of the tracks posted then let me know but I really want the artists of these tracks so...
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    My friend just showed me this site that has 8 horror films coming out this weekend only and the preview makes me really want to check them out. Here is the website. I will be checking this out, check to see if its playing near you.
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    I just got done watching this and it's great, although I am sort of a noir buff, so anyone else seen it and what did you think?
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    Save 1-800-Suicide

    I Just received this from a friend and thought it would be good to pass it along to everyone i know. It is a sucide hotline that is going to be closed and run by the government which would then take away the privacy of those calling evn though there is only 20 hoursl left to do anything try to...
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    Top Albums of First-Half of '06

    Mogwai-Mr. Beast Streetlight Manifesto-Keasbey Nights Thom Yorke-The Eraser Johnny Cash-Personal File The Arrogant Sons of *****es-Three Cheers for Disappointment The Lawrence Arms-Oh, Calcutta Downtown Brown-Live...& Sweaty Muse-Black Holes and Revelations SGX-Chroma Tool-10,000 Days RX...
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    American Hardcore

    This is one movie that I am looking forward to anyone else with me
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    CD Releases You Are Lookin Forward To

    Post any cd releases that you are looking forward to June 19th - The Aqubats! - Charge!! CD/DVD (that's when it ships out, I also got the t-shirt) August 1st - Reel Big Fish - Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album 2CD/DVD August 29th - Dream Theater - Score 3CD/2DVD September 5th -...
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    Help With A Drawing

    My friend made this drawing and he needs some help on if he should add anything to it. The Pic is right here: He asked for my help and I couldn't find anything wrong, maybe Angel can help
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    Review Thread

    hey if you guys don't mind I want to post any reviews I type up for my magazine on here so here are the first two I typed up _____________________________________________________________ Streetlight Manifesto-Everything Goes Numb 1.Everything Went Numb 2.That’ll Be the Day...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    So who here is an RHCP fan like me, post your RHCP collection here, discuss the new album and talk about anything RHCP here P.S. just in case those who haven't seen the ne 'dani california' video here you go enjoy
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    MSI Remix

    Just came up with a great idea while I was listening to MSI-Straight To Video:Remixes we should start a contest on here to see who can make the best remix of the song, just for run or if mods want to make this a contest. I may enter this if I can come up with an idea and actually execute it...
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    I need some help

    I have a couple of video files on my computer and I want to burn a dvd but halfway through the burning it messes up I am using Sonic Digitalmedia-MY DVD LE and the files I have are all wmv can anyone help me or if I gave you the files could someone convert them inot an iso file or tell me where...
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    bored so I decided to hit you guys up with a really good indie band, that is sadly no more. You can listen to almost all of their stuff on their website and they arent that bad. If you like it I would recommend buying Gut The Van,it a live 2cd set and it's really good, well anyway here you guys...
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    Bomb The Music Industry

    With a new server I think we need some new music, so here it is. This is a punk rock, experimental (I guess), band from NJ. I have recently been fixated on them as they are really good. You can download all of their stuff for free, and it RIAA-safe, the artist put the music on there themselves...
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    Fyi I want to clear out any personal information on this website so I'm wiping out this message
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    Green-Day Mash-Up?

    I was searching for some rare songs by green day on google and I found this (I won't provide the link to download it) but it is a pretty good album by a dj called Dean Gray, he basically took the Green Day songs and mixed in samples of other songs like...
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    Clerks II

    I think any kevin smkth fan would be happy with this you can read more about the movie here
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    A little something I put together

    This is just a little interlude for my new band's cd, even though we are a ska band I was bored just wanted to get your thoughts on whether or not it would be good for a liitle break in the middle of the cd here is the link: P.S: No flaming (i.e. you suck...