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    A simple Challenge

    I would like to make a request. Just for fun, I would like somebody to name something that a woman can do, that can't be done by a man. This does not include bodily functions, such as birthin' babiez. I mean in today's society, to futher us, what can a woman do that a man can't. As an added...
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    Distress; Please help me, fellow TRMK-ers.

    I made a huge mistake, and accidentally made a file too big (4.something Gigabite). This is too big for realplayer, and most upload sites. I am just wondering if there's anyone who can help me by either splitting this program into less that 1g a program, or showing me a site that will accept it...
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    Conspiracy Theories

    I guess that's an appropriate title. This topic is for the people who go online to look up information on such things as conspiracy theories, murder reports, or anything like that that's semi gruesome and scary to some. Right now I'm reading reports and stuff on the likes of Mothman and The...
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    File: Save TRMK

    For some reason, when I try to access the home page, it says I have to save TRMK. I have done that, opened it, and yet I still cannot access it. Is it my comp or is the frontpage down? I can access the rest of the site normally though. Its just the front page.
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    T'was the night....

    T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a Kombatant was stirring... Not even the mouse... FATALITY 8) As the sleigh landed, upon the roof, Santa dismounted, with a jolly ole woof... By the stockings, hung up with care, the presents lay, just sitting there. Santa and...
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    First Sig attempt

    Ok, this is my first sig attempt. Kona made the bg, and I did the resize+transparency+text(which I got from Remember, I only used MS Paint (which I'm not whining, its just why the text is so crappy. Well, that plus impatience.). So here we go! BTW, any and all help/suggestions are...
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    FAKE: Hat Trick

    This wasn't really worth my time, but I still love it. Hope you like it, SF ;)
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    Happy Thanksgiving! I Thought it would be fun to say a little thing about TRMK that you give thanks for. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, still go ahead and post something. Why would you give up a chance to praise a great place on the web? Here's mine: I'm thankful for the chat rooms here...
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    Fake: Big Boot

    Here's a practice for the competition Khaos started. i thought I'd try out intestines, but they play very little part. Any and all critisism and help is welcome. I know there are no names in the lifebars. I just can't work with MK3 names...
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    The Best Stick Figures This Side Of The Road!

    Well, since me joining a few other forums, I decided to make a few sigs for the occasion. I already have my Subby Fatality Sig-Stick figure. So here you go: P.S. Feel free to rate them and to ask me to make you one (like that will ever happen :lol:)
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    Happy Halloween TRMK! In honor of this holiday, I have made you a gift! Here you go! Speacial thanks go to Disappointed for fixing the Jade sprite and for the speach bubbles! Happy Halloween :twisted:
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    Which is better?

    I'm working on a... well project, and I can't decide which looks more like a cross between jade and Reptile. Well, actually its Jade in Reptile's clothes. Please vote and tell me which you like best :D EDIT: I made it a poll for quicker telling me which is better.
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    What's up with TRMK?

    I have a question. TRMK is being buggy with me. The letters change sizes while i read on the front page, and the links turn really small and do not work. Also sometimes when I go on, it doesn't load for about 15minutes. I just want to know if my computers buggy, or somethings up with TRMK I...
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    Some Nintendo Choir Music...

    Friggin has found a song with classic Nintendo themes in it. It has Mortal Kombat's theme, so this is MK related. But you have to get about 3/4's of the way threw. But anyway this is good for a laugh, and to waste 3 minutes of you life :razz...
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    Food for thought

    I had a wonderful idea... What if/when Midway ports MK:SM to the Gamecube, they actually take the time to put in things such as boss rush mode, feed the last tree, and the perfect version of MK2, not the Emulation. I personally would perfer that to more characters. But I would gladly trade all...
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    An MK:SM Comic

    NOTE: I DID NOT DRAW THIS. I GOT THIS FROM A WEBSITE. IF THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE ART FORUM, PLEASE MOVE IT THERE. As a follow up to my post about 's review of shaolin monks, here is their honorary comic on it. Parental...
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    My Kickin' Siggy

    Just showing y'all my fabulos artwork. This was a rough draft i was gonna use to show Kona and Sim how to make mine, but I liked it so much that i kept it and used it. I pwn artwork :lol:
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    Basic Mk:SM review

    I was just browzing the web, and I went to one of my favorite sites. Much to my surprise, it had basic review of Shaolin Monks. This just shows you how far spreading Mortal Kombat is :D heres a link. It's not all MK, but most of it is.
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    Comic: Calethenics Rule!

    There... Check out my first stab at a comic... its called "Calethics Rule!" Edit: Dammit it is too small... let me try imageshack. it wasn't working so any other suggestions would help... Edit v. 2.0: Ok, its up there.
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    What in the Hell?

    WHat in the hell is with Rob Conway and bondage? and where in the hell did he come from?