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    EU Psn store

    Can u use a US credit card to purchase from the EU psn store?
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    Mortal Kombat Sells Over Three Million

    Wow!! Do u think this will lead to more DLC?
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    What happed to customizable health bar?

    I thought boon said that we could remove all the meters and powers bars from the screen!!
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    Jace Hall - Mortal Kombat [Unsigned Hype]video
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    Klassic Costume Pack Discussion

    In my opinion I think there is a good chance!
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    Do you have another anticipated game for this year?

    Yep and mine is battlefield 3!!!
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    Does the 3D in the retail version look better than in the demo?

    just curious cause i will be playn in 3D
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    Will walmart have the Blu-rays at midnight ?

    My gamestop is in a shopping center right below walmart.I Wanna know will i be able to leave gamestop and then hit walmart for the movies.
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    Get MK by Sunday!!!
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    SNES handheld coming soon!!!

    is anybody gonna pick this up?
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    Klassic Scorpion Gameplay
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    Kratos Maybe A Permenant Character For The MK Franchise!!!

    jump to the 2:30 mark
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    How long does it take u to get from wherever your pickin up the game to home?

    I'm going to the midnight launch so there shouldnt be many cars on the road in my town,so it should take me about 10-15min i will probably have a heavy foot that night too LOL!!! During the day I say it takes me bout 15-20min.
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    Mortal Kombat 9 Story Mode Full Leaked Sound Files!

    sorry if already posted!!!!
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    Do anybody know how to............

    turn MK9 screenshots to 3D for viewing on the 3DS?
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    Everything u need to know about new mk
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    Should Mk release a week early????

    How is this really determined I remember Kayne and Lynch Dog Days came out a week early because it went gold and I remember BackBreaker came out on a sunday before the tuesday release date they had recieved an email telling gamestop to goahead and sell it.I wish and hope this happens with...
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    Do you think we will see a mortal kombat title for 3DS?

    Sorry if this has already been posted.I just got a 3DS I would love to see MK come to 3DS, street fighter looks crazy on it and i love it!
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    Fatality or X-ray!!!

    How many of yall would enjoy doing a X-ray as a finisher sometimes!!! I think its a good option because it takes strategy to hold off on your bar until the end of a match i do it sometimes when i can in the demo and i love it, its like another -ality. "X-rality"!!!!:twisted:
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    Who will be experiencing the game in 3d????

    I know i will be,i play the demo in 3d most of the time cuz i think it makes the graphics look even betta,aint no tellin how much better it will look come launch day!!!!!