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    Cyrax is in the desert level??

    In the art book it says for the Desert level section "Don't forget about cyrax, look closely and you just might find him" Can anyone confirm this?
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    Anyone taking a break until PSN i back up?

    Lets be honest, playing against the computer again and again is pretty boring. I want to play agianst human players. Anyone else gonna take a break from this game until psn is back and running? I think Imma pick Uncharted 2, yes I STILL havent played that yet haha. That should keep me busy until...
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    Did you guys like Liu Kangs ending?

    I think its cool that Liu Kang becomes a "god" and protector of earthrealm, but its sad to see liu kang and raiden duke it out. I always saw them as that master and apprentice duo. But it seems like they start to grow apart, espcially if you see what happens in story mode as well.
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    Low contrast, high gamma and brightness?

    Im play my ps3 on a gateway hd monitor. And for the default settings for mk the graphics look really washed out. I changed the settings in game to Lower contrast. and raised the gamma and brightness. This made the graphics clearer. What settings do you guys use to optimize your visuals? Is it...
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    I regret not getting kollectors edition...

    So basically I chose to get the standard edition and Socom 4, instead of the MK kollectors editon. This i highly regret....Socom4 is...well...okay but not worth the 60 bucks, I don't even see myself playing it for more than a week. I really want those figurines and art book now lol. Maybe...
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    Why are there 2 pictures of Cyber Sub on character select?

    I dont get why there are two pictures of cyber subzero in the character select. And the one at bottom right you cant even select it. And Kratos is a little slot that opens when you highlight to cyber sub. ... why dont they just put kratos's picture at the bottom right...
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    Joystick or Dpad?

    Which do you guys use? Joystick or dpad?
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    So will they have anamality and brutality?

    Possible spoiler below??? Well I just saw a vid with babality, so is it possible they could have anamality and brutality too?? that would be sikkkkk!
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    How come on Amazon, I see release day delivery for KE, but not standard edition?

    Okay so Im having second thoughts on getting the Kollectors Edition because its a lot of extra money for things that arnt really important. So when I change my cart on Amazon from the Kollectors to Standard Edition, The standard edition does not have release day shipping... Does anybody have...
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    Question about the kollectors edition

    Hey Im planning on preordering the Kollectors Edition on Amazon. And I was wondering the ninja suits that come with the edition, what are they? It doesnt have any details really. Is it like the old school suit that come with the preorders? And is it for all the ninjas or just one random one? I...