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  1. Kai

    OXM gives MK vs DC an 8.5!

    While it's still a week away, Official Xbox Magazine published their early review of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! They gave the game a 8.5! That's awesome! Their positive notes uncluded... + The characters and arenas look great! + We welcome the return of the no-nonsense fighting similar...
  2. Kai

    New Rating

    There's a big debate of what rating MK vs DCU will be. Many state it's going to be rated T, while others say M for the Joker's fatality. I myself sorta have a different view. There may be a very VERY slim chance that the ESRB may create a new rating just for the game! Think about it, back in...
  3. Kai

    The Final Slots

    So there are two slots left, one for each side. So I want to know who you want to own those last two spots. Name three characters for each side. They can be anyone, popularity is not a factor. Why three? To see all the possibilities. Mortal Kombat 1. Goro 2. Kai 3. Mileena DC 1. Robin 2...
  4. Kai

    Ed Boon and Goro in Code Monkeys

    I am a fan of G4TV's animated 8-bit series, Code Monkeys. For those of you who don't know, Code Monkeys is a show about the mis-adventures of developers Dave and Jerry. The show uses an 8-bit (melded with 16-bit backgrounds) style to that of a video game. All kinds of game references make it...
  5. Kai

    Mortal Kombat vs Tao Feng

    In the GameTrailers TV interview, Ed Boon claimed that he would not throw out the idea of making another crossover game in the future. While it's not official, John Tobias seems to be reuniting with the MK team. As bored as I am, I got to thinking...that's right, Mortal Kombat vs Tao Feng...
  6. Kai

    Liu Kang, Captain Marvel and Test Your Might!;title;1&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot In this new Gamespot article, the GS team gets their hands on MK vs DCU for the first time and reveal some interesting facts! First off, the article explains a new type of Test Your...
  7. Kai

    New Interview;title;1 For those of you still on the fence about MK vs DC, I think this new, excellent Gamespot interview with Ed Boon will change your minds. Again, enjoy!
  8. Kai

    New Screenshots;images Enjoy.
  9. Kai

    The Butler

    Now I know I'm gonna get bashed and ganged up on a lot for saying this. Here it goes... *takes deep breath* I want Batman's butler Alfred to be a playable character! *flinches* I have reasons to back up my wish. First and foremost, it would be cool and at the same time humorous to see...
  10. Kai

    Totally Twisted Story

    Kinda for the hell of it, give your favorite MK fighters a history totally made up by you. Go wild, make it silly or serious. Gotta have something to do until we get some MK8 news.
  11. Kai

    Mk Rpg

    This topic isn't a official, but it's a I just wanna know who would be all for it? There are those of us whose screenname is that of a true character (myself or Shao Kahn) and I bet some want to RP as their KAK. Thoughts?
  12. Kai

    Our Greatest Achievements

    The majority of us have been playing MK since its release in 1992 (I was born that year and didn't play until I was three, but who cares). We've all tried very hard to make the best of each installment and achieve goals that would be remembered. What are the greatest achievements you've made...
  13. Kai


    Whatever happened to him? Studio Gigante has been shut down for years now and there has been no news on him. Has he gone into hiding?
  14. Kai


    With Shaolin Monks being a success, I suspect that Midway will be developing more MK adventure games in the future. Why not continue the Mythologies series? Sure the current generation of MK is over and the first Mythologies was a bust, but who cares? I liked Mythologies: Sub-Zero. For the...