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    Keep Track of Current Win Streak?

    I know in your online stats you can see your best win streak, but is there a place where you can view what your current win streak is at?
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    MK Online 'Community' Saltier Than SF

    Controversial title, but I'm finding it to be true. I played SF a lot for a long while a year or so ago, but as a game I much prefer MK. I think SF is probably more 'pro' in that there are more normals and more complex possibilities because of this, add to that the combo timings are different...
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    Tips Against Ermac

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in the Ermac thread or not, so feel free to move this if needed. He's a character I've hardly touched and when me & my family fight offline none of us play as him very often, but online he seems to be quite popular and my inexperience is making fighting him a...
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    Storing Fatality Inputs

    I've been through and done all the fatalities, babalities, etc, on every character and the game nicely stores the inputs, but only for controller one (player one). So if I play with friends offline and end up playing from the right side of the screen (ie. controller 2) none of the fatalities are...
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    Ranked Matchmaking

    What criteria does it give you opponents based on when you're online in ranked? I bought the game on release, but combination of MK poor net code and where I was living having not great net speed (8mb bb) meant that I could never play online, plus no offline scene where I was meant the only...
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    Character Choosing, Always Main Your Main, or Surprised By Someone New.

    I've always played Kitana and I still love her in MK9, I also used to love Kabal, but in this game he just got surpassed by other characters that for me felt more fun (Noob & Smoke). Now, as I'm fooling around offline (online still unplayable for me, so I've trained my partner to be my...