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  1. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Real Life Cowboy Bebop Movie

    Apparently Keanu Reeves wants to make a real life flick of Cowboy Bebop, idk if it's such a good idea. I found an article on it, but not much is mentioned about if it'll be good or bad yet, what do you all think...
  2. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Einstein's Riddle

    My teacher gave this out to the class one day and I found it pretty interesting,2 kids and myself got it right, see if you can do it. ALBERT EINSTEIN'S RIDDLE ARE YOU IN THE TOP 2% OF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD? SOLVE THE RIDDLE AND FIND OUT. There are no tricks, just pure logic, so good...
  3. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    reaper sig

    I got bored last night, so tell me what you think
  4. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Backwards media files

    Does anyone know of a program I can get to play media files backwards, I've been wondering what a couple songs would sound like backwards. Thanks
  5. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Poem: The end to the depression

    once again I started writting poems non-stop, so here's one I wrote up earlier today The end to the depression My poems, they all sound depresseing by sight, but they're messages of how my soul slowly dies, As I drift through this world, as my sadness always build, I wander in this sadness...
  6. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Amazing MS Paint video

    this guy is amazing with MS Paint but has got to have a lot of time on his hands....a whole lot of time
  7. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Your presents

    I guess I'll start this thread this year Post what you got for Christmas, or the holiday you celebrate -Boss Overdrive pedal -monster guitar cord -Pearl Export series drum set -like 50 drumsticks -web cam -and clothes
  8. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Poem: Inner Demon

    here it is, my next poem , I just finished this one Inner Demon he always stands here by my side, he never lets my body cry, he steals the joy I want to find, he takes the feelings from my mind, I let him take my body over, he never keeps my life in order, He sleeps inside me everyday, and...
  9. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Poem: Hell's Frozen Prison

    A few months back I wrote this and lots of friends say it's good so I thought I'd post it here and get your oppinions on it. Hell'sFrozen Prison I am taken to this winter hell, Trapped inside my frozen cell, Kept from everything I know, Blocked out by this blinding snow, Far from those I wish...
  10. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Get well sig

    Something I made for a friend with an intestinal infection, I added a little poem line in it to.
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    I entered this poem in a contest a few months ago and it got accepted into an Anthology so now I'm a published poet
  12. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Mosh pits

    What's one of the worst things that happened to you in a Mosh pit I lost my shoe and crawled back in and got kicked and ran over to get it back a few months ago and did it again tonight
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    My parent are forcing me to move with them across the counrty, I have to leave my freinds, band and brothers really sucks I'm moving from Fontana California to Bartow Pennsylvania Anyone got any suggestions on what i can do on the road for 5-7 days
  14. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Band of Brothers

    Has anyone else seen this movie collection My brother let me borrow it recently and I thought it was really cool
  15. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Funny coincidence

    lol, when posting in the picture thread I noticed that the advertiesment below Kona's name had his name in it.
  16. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Poem: My Poems Grave

    My Poems grave My poems are forever lost, stuck in a world of a dying cause, they try to say what they deeply pray, but nothing ever comes their way, they never show what they truly mean, never by the desired eye seen, they're always looked at as art not pain, as they slowly fall down a broken...
  17. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Renji stuff

    I've been using Paintshop lately, and I want to know if my stuff looks good or how I can improve it
  18. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Poem: Emotions of Music

    Some poem I wrote when I was bored Today Emotions of Music I will take all this pain, Release all this strain, Uptake all these words, Andcreate my own verse, Take all of this rage, And transfer to bass, Rewrite all this harmony, As a soothing guitar melody, Then take all I've done wrong...
  19. DeadSkuLL DruMMer

    Street Ninja

    This guy is amazing good song to
  20. DeadSkuLL DruMMer


    Has anyone ever heard of this movie or a movie that's name sounds similar, My friend told me about it, but I can't find anything on it. It's a horror flick, and he said ithey bleed bright colored blood. can anyone help me with this?