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    Has anybody had this on their computer? I guess it's a trojan. :/ I got it while trying to download Warcraft II 1.0 from Limewire. I'm never using Limewire again. This is the second time my computer's been infected by file-sharing.
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    If you were a zombie...

    ...what would be the first body part or organ you would eat? For me, it'd have to be the arm.
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    Same stuff?

    Is MK:A just basically another MK:DA/D clone? I'm tired of playing the same game over and over again. I will buy this game, but I don't want another MK:D.
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    How does one get in the high score list?

    I played Tetris and got about 30,000. Almost there ;) But I don't see my name in there. When I lose, it just stops doing stuff and it's liket he game stopped. Then I went to play Chopper Challenge and hit Submit Score several times, and no response. HELP!
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    Has anybody heard about this girl? Her story is very infamous, and has sparked some controversy (not to mention lots of guro pics :P) Here is her full WikiPedia article:
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    The most bizarre MySpace bulletin ever.

    One day Jenny was talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Jenny: Hi Rick Rick: Hi Jenny Jenny: When are you coming over? Rick: Maybe about 5 Jenny: Good I love you very much Rick: I love you too, I hope we never break up Jenny: And I hope none of us die in an unexpected twist. Rick: And I hope...
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    Shao Kahn Whoops On Scorpion

    Here's what happens: 1. Shao Kahn stomps Scorpions leg off by the knee. 2. He picks Scorpion up by his intact leg and begins to sming him in the air. 3. Shao Kahn & Scorpion Mid-Swing, Scorpion's leg bleeding all over. 4. Shao Kahn slams Scorpion on the ground with bone-shattering force. 5. Shao...
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    New MK Sprite Comic: MK3 Online

    Plz rate, not as funny as that one scorb & sub I made, but eh.
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    Need Some Help

    NE1 know where I can download a free or really cheap GIF maker?
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    Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection

    Hi, if anyone in this wonderful forum has a DS and has connected to the internet throught it via Wi-Fi Connection EVEN ONCE, Plz post your Friend Codes! I hope that we can all be friends and play our favorite games together. I go by Hunter. Mario Kart DS: 0859-6318-8414 Animal Crossing: Wild...
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    Does anyone else have one of these? Everyone's been tellin' me to get one, and I finally did, and I love it, it even helped me find some old, old friends I'd lost touch with. Here's my url:
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    My First Decent Sig

    Here's a Freddy Krueger sig I made. it was 2 weeks in the making, and I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X
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    Can anyone do me a favor?

    Can someone take the white part of this picture, and just make it solid white? I'm trying to make a CS 1.6 tag, plus if someone could diret me to a better program to do this, this would be greatly appreciated, the 1 I downloaded sucks monkey.
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    What's up with my computer?

    What's going on? This happens every time I log on.
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    Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    Does anybody read this? I love those books... up until So Long, And Thanks for all The Fish. I didn't like it since they stopped messing around in space. The original is the friggin best, though, you HAVE to read it. "Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."
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    Hot Or NoT?

    Since everyone loves takiong their pictures, I have an idea. post your pictures on Hot Or Not and see what people think of your pics. As for me... I don't need anybody to tell me how I look, I already know that only the personality matters most... ... I'm a 5...
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    Nights With Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper's been doing a radio show since last year, and it's pretty fun to listen too, but what pisses me off is that it doesn't come in Fresno, but it's cool. See if it's in your town.
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    Fake: Kitana's Demise?

    Things are really sucking for Kitana right about now. I was going to make this into a full-fledged fatality, but I like this a LOT better. All the sprites are Mix-N-Matches of body parts from other sprites.
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    Fake: Kabal eviscerates Jax

    you likey?
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    Horror Movie Pitch: "Final Cut"

    OK, here's the story: A serial killer was on the loose for 11 years, and the cops found him and took him to an insane asylum. They give him lethl injection, but he escapes and lives. The arm they injected was a lifelike prosthetic. They presume him dead, and bury him. He gets out of the cypt and...