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  1. Wyckid


    Why is it that the people with XBoxes received a more complete game than the PS2 users? That's just downright unfair and wrong. I pre-ordered my MKA 2 MONTHS in advance. Little did I know that those 2 months were used to improve the XBOX version ONLY. Why is it that MY created characters are...
  2. Wyckid

    Anyone ever notice...

    "Noob" has a weapon called the "Troll" Hammer? ...Just food for thought. ;)
  3. Wyckid

    Morons at Game Crazy

    Ok, so I called up my local Game Crazy (the one I preordered my Premium Edition at) and just for my own peace of mind, I asked when MK: Armageddon is coming out... Here's how the conversation went... MORON: Welcome to Game Crazy where you... (blah blah blah annoying sales pitch blah blah) What...
  4. Wyckid

    Need help

    I am collecting youtube videos of all of the introductions to all of the Mortal Kombat (fighting) games. Unfortunately, all of them are on there except for MK1 and MK3/UMK3. I was wondering if someone had video files and could upload them to youtube, or even record them from MAME or something...