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    MK9 Cryptic Clues

    I'm really sorry if this has been posted or talked about, I havn't been here in a while and from looking around I can't see anything about it, but if you notice on Ed Boons twitter you can see a post in which he gives out a beta code. As I was wondering what this meant I went to a website and...
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    Michael Jackson Passes away

    Today michael jackson passed away following Cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead upon arriving at hospital
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    David Carradine Passes Away

    I'm not one to write about actors passing but this is one worth writing about. Most people would know this guy as Bill from the Kill Bill series Great actor and a void now in the film industry
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    Sig : The Crow

    Soemthing I did yesterday. Please rate and discuss
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    Fake Contest

    Fake Contest =FAKES NOW UP=
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    Need help with a song

    Ok, Theres this song that has really been getting to me and I want to listen to it but I can't find it anywhere. From what I can remember it was by a band called "The Black Maria" and the songs was titled "Resist" to the best of my memories. So I was just wondering if anyone could remember...
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    Ice Head

    Here's something I done. Took me about half an hour. I was inspired by someone else on a different forum
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    Unanswerable Questions

    See if you can answer any of these. And please no stupid answers. Ones that you think could be right Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery? Why do irons have a setting for permanent press? How can you tell when sour cream goes bad? How much sin can I get away with and still...
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    A sort of logo Request

    Hey I know I could do something like this myself but no matter how hard I try I can never seem to get a good effect. So I was wondering would there be anyone out there willing to help me create a Band logo for my band. Details are as follows Band Name == Nightmare Warriors Style == Power...
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    Blast From The Past

    Remember the days in which we recieved karma and the old forum setup. Well you can relive those days Hopefully it should work. When I was looking through google. I saw this and well I was like cool. So I decided to show it with you guys. Tell me if...
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    A new fake

    Well guys it's been a long time since I done a fake. I got adobe photoshop so now i can do better fakes. So please don't be too harsh as this is my first fake using PS. but let me know what you think Heres whats going on. Lui kang is preforming his fatality so he rips baraka's blade of and...
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    The TRMK Awards 2006

    Ok since I havn't seen one of these in ages I am going to start it. Below you will find a list of all the catagories. You may be awarded more than one award depending on how many you have been Entered in Funniest Nickname 10,000,000 If You Kill Me Biggest Spam Post The sure-to-be-locked...
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    I need Ideas

    Ok so I am entering the Mid ulster film festival this year coming (May 07) And I want to do a movie but cant think of anything but here are the catagories I want them in Music Video - I want to know which song what to do and any contact details to see if i can get permission Horror Movie -...
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    Who Survives ??

    Character Endings I thought I would start this to get people to write down what happens at the end of each character in arcade mode and if they survive or not. I will update this thing reguarly with the ending so that people who cant be bothered to play through Arcade can just look here...
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    Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

    Years later, Wrong Turn 2 finds a group of contestants on a survivor-like reality show in the West-Virginian woods fighting for their lives when they begin being killed off by a group of blood-thirsty cannibals, including some familiar faces from the original Wrong Turn So what do you think...
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    Just a little thought ...

    Well since most of america has got MKA there more than likely going to be talking about it on this forum. But i was just wondering could people possibly put *spoilers* in there title if it is going to reavel something about the game like who dies or who survives. Well at least until the 27th or...
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    Choice Enabled Packaging

    Just came Acroos this and it looks freakin class It lets you mix different flavours together to make your own flavours Can anyone say vanilla and lime lol
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    Over Here Movie Makers !?!?!?

    Ok the rules have changed.... The new rules are you have to get the intro to mk armegeddon you can get it from 7th's thread i think correct me if im wrong and you have to add new music and edit if you want to.
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    Memorable Quotes

    Ok So from your time here on the forums what has been the most funniest quote you have heard Heres mine, Posted by Mcshorty I just shit my pants. Hard. I don't actually know who Mr. Roboto is. I just wanted you all too know that I shit my pants. I love myself
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    Arcade Game Tournament - Pick Your Members

    Ok So I thought of starting this game up where 4 teams each consisting of 5 members from this board. IF there is more will add another team You have to select a member every (enter days here) and they will face each other in a 4 way multiplayer game or two on two and then they will face each...