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  1. chood1994

    Gaming Headsets (Tritton, Turtle Beach, etc)

    Do you guys use them? I have used a Tritton at my friends house one time and they were pretty good. I really want one since I have to turn my tv almost all the way down due to my parents >.< I was looking into the Turtle Beach Earforce PX21, since they are universal (I play xbox, ps3, and pc...
  2. chood1994

    If you could be an animal...

    What would you be, and why? Personally I would be a teagle (a mix between a turtle and eagle, I made it up in art class, don't hate). Why you may ask? Because it is simply the most majestic and kick-ass animal ever!
  3. chood1994

    The Wallpaper Thread!

    I figured it would be nice to have a thread for all the official and fan-made wallpapers out there! Please don't use the IMG tag to embed them in this thread since they are usually large, just give the link. Thanks! I'll start out by showing you some I have made myself...
  4. chood1994

    Brotherhood of Shadow

    So I just fought secret Noob without even trying, I was in the Temple fighting Nightwolf as Ermac and got a flawless victory then Noob came in and starting fighting me. The weird thing was that after about 10 seconds into the fight, Noob's costume turned exactly like mine, as if he did a Shang...
  5. chood1994

    Chood1994's Versus Screen Image Renders *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

    I have finished rendering all of the versus screen images plus more. Here is the link for them all: If you appreciate my work, I appreciate your +rep!!!
  6. chood1994

    Sucker Punch

    Has anyone seen the movie Sucker Punch yet? I have seen it twice already, once last night and once today. It is so amazing in my eyes! I can't beleive it has gotten so many bad reviews, I mean how can a movie this great get a 36/100?! The movie is definitely targeted for young males though; I...
  7. chood1994

    Mortal Kombat 9 Poster

    I don't know if this is official or fan-made but it is bad ass! Does anyone know if this is an official poster? And where can I get one?! I would love to have that hanging in my room along with my other billion posters!
  8. chood1994

    Quick Ermac Photoshopped Wallpaper?

    Just made this in about 10 minutes. I know it's pretty crappy, but I'm just a newbie in photoshop. Here she is :P ORIGINAL b,b,b,lp VERSION
  9. chood1994

    TRMK Tournaments/Ladders

    Will TRMK be hosting any tournaments and/or competition ladders after the game has been out enough for everyone to practice a little? I think it would be a great way to show off your skills and to socialize with everyone from the site, while having some good ole fun! The tournaments would...
  10. chood1994

    My Sub-Zero and Smoke Pic (:

    I put together a few pictures to make this one with Photoshop! Tell me what you think! BTW it's pretty big so I will just give you a link:
  11. chood1994

    TV Commercial

    Will there be a commercial for Mortal Kombat 2011 aired on TV? I think it would help get alot more sales if old school fans have given up on MK, but now see it is back to the roots, they will try it out again. Thoughts?
  12. chood1994

    Sub-Zero Bookend Pictures?

    I have been looking all over the web trying to find a picture of the Sub-Zero bookend before I put my preorder for the Kollector edition. I hope it doesn't look like the shadow in the pic of the Kollector edition: Has anyone found a picture of it yet, or will they even release a picture of it...