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  1. Sub-Zera

    The "1992 Mortal Kombat: if made with live actors in 2012" thread!

    Awsome stuff:) She looks like REAL Sonya, she might easily play her in a movie:) Only one thing that looks a bit wrong is the color of her bra. On these pics it's much more blueish, but in the original it was closer to yellow. Like this:
  2. Sub-Zera

    Something i draw:)

    I just decided to draw what DLC I want:) Mileena MK2, her klassic fatality and Palace Gates arena. And fatality with a bit darken BG, not absolutely black. It also can be a frame from MK HD kollection;)
  3. Sub-Zera

    Seperate Arcade "Choose your Destiy" concept

    I just had such an idea. We still have 3 tournaments in MK9 Storymode, right? But in Arcade mode everything is messed up, choose anyone of all, and no even "Choose Your Destiny". One more sad things that we can't control opponents' outfits, in Arcade mode they are all by default in main...
  4. Sub-Zera

    Searching an enthusiast Artist for a SERIOUS fan (non-commercial!) MK project.

    So, the time has come to say. Maybe, you have seen the Mortal Kombat 1: Ode For Kruelty project earliest movies on youtube. As the main director of the project, i annaunce, the gameplay is ready. There are some moments in general design that must be Painted for finishing the project. And I...
  5. Sub-Zera

    MK4 + MK DA + MKD + MKA = MK HD Kollection 2

    I don't know about you guys, but hope anyone else will support the idea:) Many of us are klassic MK fans and not very interested in latest ones. But MK MUST move on, right? If it stays in place with only MK1-MK3 and MK9 as a remake, what will be?... I just thought. What if they invite actors...
  6. Sub-Zera

    Special Move List from me.

    What special could be in a move list? Well, I figured out that some fatalities are equal or alike by 2 or even more characters. Alike, I mean, the difference is only one button, the last one (1,2,3,4 or Block). For example, Sonya's fatal is D,D,B,F, 1 and Kitana's is D,D,B,F, 2. In this move...
  7. Sub-Zera

    My "Fight" Klip

    I made it about 2 years ago but guess you'll like it:)
  8. Sub-Zera

    Female MK2 costumes?

    Here Is the list of all arenas and costumes. As you can see, girls (Kitana, Mileena and Jade) have a costume set: (Default, Alt, MK2, MK3) OK, MK3 costumes are available if you pre-order, but have anyone seen MK2 female costumes? Any ideas where...