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  1. Vulcan Hades

    Frame Data (for people that want to learn it)

    What is Frame Data Here's the gist of it: Start up/Execution frames = Speed of the attack Active frames = Duration of the attack Recovery frames = Cool down before you can move, attack or block again Stun frames = Duration in which you cannot move or respond (but you can still block in MK9...
  2. Vulcan Hades

    Serious Quan Chi hair glitch?!

    Good news for people who thought Quan Chi was bald. :)
  3. Vulcan Hades

    Tip to bypass the negative edge

    I know a lot of people have problems with this. So did I until recently when I found a way around it. For people that don't know what negative edge is, it's when the release of a button is stored. So in other words the games reads the input twice: when you first press the button and when you...