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  1. truendymion

    MK Stick Layout

    OK so the stick is setup like this: PS3 Stick: FP xx FK BP BL BK I'm going to remap my SF4 stick to match this, start getting ready for the MK stick. Hopefully the transition to the MK stick won't be too bad :P BTW how many of you guys are going to play Mortal Kombat on the TE stick? How...
  2. truendymion

    Concerns about MK9

    OK I've been super hyped for this game since the announcement. Now that I've been playing the demo all of my hopes were confirmed BUT there are a few things bugging me. 1. Scorpion, Cage, and Mileena have jab traps. Supposedly this will be fixed in the final version but I'm still worried that...
  3. truendymion

    MK9 Universal Combo Notation?

    I know its kinda early to be discussing this but I can't stop thinking about it :P So the controls are: Front Punch Back Punch Front Kick Back Kick Block Grab (assuming this is a macro) All I can think of is: FP, BP, BK xx Spr Any ideas?
  4. truendymion

    MK9 Tournament in Mexico

    This is via twitter MK_MortalKombat MK Community Manager MK is in Mexico at EGS with @hecterrific at the Game Planet booth. hecterrific (__hec__) press demo over, now set up for tournaments before a quick lunch and another game demo at 1. @egsmexico Here's a pic:
  5. truendymion

    Reptile Incomplete Movelist (observations/speculation)

    Reptile Movelist (observations/speculation) OK I'll try and compile a move list for Reptile now! Here are some reference vids: #1 Reptile vs Reptile: #2 Reptile movelist (about 24 secs in)...
  6. truendymion

    Cyrax Movelist (observations/speculation)

    So here's the movelist I was able to extract from videos VIDEOS: #1 Cyrax/Kitana Demo: #2 Cyrax gameplay: #3 Cyrax movelist (about 1...
  7. truendymion

    Where is the MK9 leaklist?

    Why isn't there a leak-list floating around? Is NetherRealm's security that great? Makes me wonder if the Capcom leak-lists were intentionally leaked just to generate more buzz... Does anybody even want a leaklist?