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    What if you pick no variation?
  2. TehPredator

    TRMK Fit and Healthy Club

    Seriously. Once for breakfast, one right before I sleep.
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    Ed Boon's Twitter Official Discussion Thread

    Let's NOT talk about the annoying sareena commenters.:zzz:
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    MK11 Suggestions Thread

    Here you can share your suggestions for MKX patches or MK11 gameplay features. I'm interested to see what you guys come up with!
  5. TehPredator

    MKX Comic "Bundle"?

    I googled and could not come up with any results. Is there a place where I can get all the comics as a bundle and have them shipped to my home? My school has blocked Comixology and I would like to read it throughout the school year and during my breaks at work. My workplace does not have a computer.
  6. TehPredator

    A way Kuai Liang, Bi-Han, and Noob Saibot could've all been in the same game.

    Screw NRS for not doing this. Besides, if people don't like CSZ's LOOKS, NRS couldbve just added some alt costumes.
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    The Official "Canon Or Not?" Thread

    This is a thread where you can ask if it's canon or not. PLEASE use spoiler tags when answering a question. Question 1. Source: MK Annhiliation, MKvsDCU. Is Raiden really the son of Shinnok and Shao Kahn's brother? Question 2. Source: MKX Which Arcade endings are canon?
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    Official Fake Fatality Request Thread

    Could someone make a fake fatality for me, in a gif format, so that I could use it as an avatar on a forums? (the size of the picture does not matter since I can easily resize it) It would go like this: This little guy walks up to Scorpion after the finish him pops up: Then, he decides to...
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    Did you know?

    All the mk ninjas fit with Google's logo. G Sub Zero o Ermac oScorpion g Sub Zero (again) l Reptile eErmac (again) And the background is smoke.
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    So did anything happen at gamescom?

    I cant find any mk related things for THIS year's gamescom.
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    Fake Fatality Request

    disregard this thread/post, linked to somewhere else
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    WBPlay ID sharing

    I can trade Jason, Predator, and Tremor later on for all the console unlocks, or at least injustice scorpion and farmer jax. PM me for details.