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  1. Soulgain

    Noob Saibot's stance

    Alright so I have been watching his reveal video numerous times and I have to point something out. I notice his stance is very similiar to Sub-Zero's original stance with the arm on the chest and the other arm straight down. I don't know if NRS is giving a flippin' care about stance animations...
  2. Soulgain

    Goro's Lair and The Pit I

    I'm just going to speak out my personal opinions here and please comment. Goro's Lair looks pretty amazing however they added a throne for him to sit on. That personally kills it for me, and to be honest I think it's only me but I could be wrong. Shang Tsung has throne stage and so does Shao...
  3. Soulgain

    Best and worst character voice?

    I think Scorpion and Cyrax wins best voices so far. Worst would be Sektor, he sounds WAY too robotic. I don't like Sub-Zero's voice but I can live with it. *EDIT* Shao Kahn has the worst voice, not Sektor.
  4. Soulgain

    Ed Boon Statement Fallacy

    During E3, Ed Boon stated he was going to "re-tell" the story of MK1-MK3 yet in the Scorpion Vignette video, Quan Chi, who is from MK4, was mentioned. Futhermore, Quan Chi's voice was leaked. Am I wrong? Yes or no, what's up with that? Are they going to squeeze him in as a DLC or what?
  5. Soulgain

    Classic Sub-Zero or MK3 Sub-Zero?

    I have and always will be a fan to the masked ninja Sub-Zero. Until MK3, I was sad... I just think his MK3 look with the suspenders is plain ridiculous and retarded. What do you guys think? I hate to see that gay suspender look as a DLC for Sub-Zero... YUCK.