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  1. RamKahn

    "Finish Him" too funny!!!

    Love Cyanide and Happiness Comics, this made me lol
  2. RamKahn

    My collection is complete, thank you ebay!!!

    MileenaK here you go... Sorry for the long post everyone. Pic#1: Shows all the games that I own (Includes Japan PS1 MK2) Pic#2: Strategy Guides. Pic#3: Some magazines that I kept from back in the day. Pic#4: Okay, this is where is gets kinda So why do I have 5 Arcade...
  3. RamKahn

    My collection is complete, thank you ebay!!!

    Best $27 I spent :) From Variations / Misprints "I don't toss around words like 'rare' and 'impossible to find' like most eBay users do, but right here, right now, I will tell you that you are looking at the rarest, most impossible-to-find known game variant in the US Retail...
  4. RamKahn

    Free MKAK Kode!!!

    So I purchased two PDP MKAK sticks and I have an extra code. First one to PM me can have it for free. Hope the good karma will make the gods fix the issues with the kollection lol :)
  5. RamKahn

    PDP Tournamet Pre-Party?

    Seems like a good idea, it's in Vegas! I'll be there Friday night around 8pm.