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  1. ReptileErmac

    Ermac & Kitana

    Right now I have been playing Kitana and Ermac, I really love these Characters, I am not good with them but I am decent (I can beat Medium-Hard Ladder pretty easily) but it's mainly me playing Cheaply and not actually "Learning" the character. I don't want to seem like an ass online, so I just...
  2. ReptileErmac

    Game one day early, UK.

    Well it seems my copy is on the way (I'm in the UK, doesn't get released till tomorrow) and I'm so freaking excited that I just had to tell someone, even if you guys don't know me. So, BLRARAGHHohEHEOHEohE, Can't wait. Getting people round and going to have a hardcore MK session!