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  1. Camu-san


    Greatness.Seriously this is amaizing in my eyes.In ways beyond skill.It's the hybrid of all hybrids.Walrus Copter is ****ing bad-ass.
  2. Camu-san


    KMB stands for Kano meets Bonnoviv.I named it that because in the picture that guy on the left is a character from a videogame series called Mortal Kombat.It's a fighting game.Look it up if you have to I suggest evn buying a few of the games if you have what's called a, anyway I...
  3. Camu-san

    Mario vs. Shang Tsung

    Shake the wiimote to punch shang tsung in the face
  4. Camu-san

    Firoundhouse kick to face

    I think it looks cool
  5. Camu-san

    MKvDC:Only the undead survive

    This is EPIC!I'm honestly starting to like these.I mean LOVE UM'!!!!!lolololololol
  6. Camu-san

    Mkvdc #2

    Where we last saw... dunn dunn dunn NOW WOW!!!!!!!!!A non stopped thrill ride ery day tell release(che right!)000000000000000000MY GOD THIS IS EPICX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love
  7. Camu-san

    Mk vs. Dc comic

    TO BE CONTINUED!I just know you can't wait for the exiting conclusion.!CALM DOWN WILL YA!I'm on the edge of my seat 222222222LOLO>LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLLLLLLLLll
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    this link will show is to an explict photo.If your a crybaby dont look at it.>> [link removed-- sorry, but I would not consider that to be appropriate for this forum] The first one is probably the better of the two but i think numero dos is funnier.I prefer it anyway.The first will probly...
  9. Camu-san

    Richard Epcar

    voice actor who's gonna play joker AND raiden in mk v dcu.It's news to me but...can both voices come from the same body?
  10. Camu-san

    Cartoon preview

    There it is.I've been calling cell 17.but, it's gonna be a series and that's just the sub-name.I don't know what to call the series yet._______________:Cell 17.Anyway, been working on it for a while and I thought I'd tease your cocks.This is about 34 seconds in.Flash 8.For a while it was flash...
  11. Camu-san

    some sprites I edited

    I'll start least to greatest in my opinion of superierness. Cyrax because I didn't change much here so the only real noticeable change is the pulse blade(which I think we'll look more kick-ass when it is in an environment to cast it's glow on).Anyway I'm ill about this one so make a suggestion...
  12. Camu-san

    Art:Just Jade

    It's all right, but it's really boring.I was trying to swap fun with detail and I don't think I pulled it off successfully.And, that makes me sad.I'll definately draw something else later but dew to a house swap I'm betting it will be a flash.FU-NNNNNNNNN!lol
  13. Camu-san


    Gotham city is in peril!Who in the *&#^ is going to save the night?This guy. I had fun making last nights drawing so I made todays drawing.He was gonna be kicking some one in the face with his back to you and his blue tights undies was going to be a g-string or thong, but minds change here in...
  14. Camu-san

    Art:Stryker strikes back

    Stryker's hate club finally broke him.He's tired of them haters.Unneeded back story aside.I saw the art contest thread an hour ago(I've been drawing and coloring since)and it sparked this.I wasn't worried about neatness, idea, or look(even though I think it looks great so I'm never worried about...
  15. Camu-san

    Face the Beast(PICTURE)

    PSP 8
  16. Camu-san

    Fake:Force Shock

    Raiden is sending Shang Tsung back the a powerful electric jolt.
  17. Camu-san


    It's not a fatality but, its still a fake.
  18. Camu-san

    Fake:Exploding Punch

    I wanted to give Jax a post armaggedon look.So I gave him longer hair, a beard, a more athletic look than powerhouse.Cyrax has slight changes.I painted the invisable background color all over Cyrax and then draged him and Jax on top of a streched out explosion.Here's Jax, but I didn't add hair...
  19. Camu-san

    Fake:Freezing the heart

    I call it freezing the heart.Whats going on here is, Sub-Zero is stabbing Scorpion in the heart with an ice sword.And, as Scorpion dies he's turning blue because he's being frozen from the inside out.Scorpion is wearing a more recent outfit in this fake.Sub-Zero's sword is made out of lines that...
  20. Camu-san

    SPRITE:Re-Done Reptile

    I thought it would be fun to do.It turned out allright.The head is made from scratch, seriously.I thought about using his lizard head but desided not to. and this is how it first looked. used ms paint.eyedropper tool, line tool, and bucket tool.Good, bad?Pointers,suggestions,comments, all...