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  1. Vigilante_FireDragon

    Confirmed Rosters and Variations in MKX

    I've made this so every time I see factual evidence on kombatants that appear in either the latest trailer, NRS reveal video or like a month away from the game's release, I'll update the opening post of the all of the fighters so far confirmed, as well as their respective fighting variation...
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    Action Figures and Other Toys

    I've been getting Robot Damashii Gundam Wing figures and Bandai Gunpla models (building them obviously). Here are two examples of my Gunpla models: Exia Dark Matter Build Burning Gundam I also got the D-Arts Ultimate Armor X and Black Zero figures as well, as I am a huge fan of the...
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    DC PrimeTime Shows

    So has anyone watch these following shows during the evening, if possible: Gotham on FOX The Flash (2014) on CW Arrow on CW Constantine on NBC So far, The Flash is the best one so far and Constantine got an ok start last Friday on its pilot episode. So any opinions??
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    There's this game that you can download for free on X-Box One, PS4 and possibly PC that you get to play as futuristic space ninjas. I got so addicted to it, and plus being a space ninja, mastering every weapon is awesome. Plus, you can play with 3 other players online to complete missions that...
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    Casualties in the Injustice Prequel Comic

    Decided to make a separate thread for all those major characters who were killed or died in the comics of Injustice: Gods Among Us, in by order of occurrence and by in which Year before Superman's complete reign of Earth during the 5 year span.. For those who have not read the Year Five comics...
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    Green Arrow: "Every Other Tuesday."

    Green Arrow Profile: The key to using Ollie is varied as he is one of the balanced characters, although more leaning towards as a keepaway, knocking them back away and making use with his arrows to prevent them from getting close. He can be also used as a rushdown, as he got tools and...
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    Injustice: Gods Among Us Prequel Comic

    So has anyone have been reading on the latest chapter in the comics (#27 has just been released)?? Don't forget to put spoilers when commenting on certain parts of the comic, so for those who haven't read the comics don't have to feel ruined from the storyline. I've only read 26 chapters so...
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    Green Lantern: Damn straight.

    Green Lantern Profile: The key to using Hal in this game can be varied depending on the user's playstyle, as he is an all-round character with specials and normals that can be used at whatever range. As a rushdown character, using his trait plus his juggling combos will be the key to...
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    Character Gameplay Guides

    I know it's only a week since its release, but I feel that this should be the right time to post up more character-specific gameplay guides. So far, only two has been made (Hawkgirl by yours truly, and Wonder Woman by b, b, b, lp) and I feel that they need to be stickied. The reason is that...
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    Hawkgirl: Time to Throw Down the Hammer

    This is the special moves and combo thread about Hawkgirl. Using a similar format from the MK9 character gameplay thread, forged by rare TRMK member Zephna, I decided to do this for sake of other curious players, wanting to play as her. Here it is: Hawkgirl Profile: The key to using...
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    Tomb Raider

    So how did everyone think about the new and rebooted Tomb Raider that came out this past Tuesday? To me, the story and scenery is beautiful and I like the direction Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are going with the story concerning Lara's origins from a sweet and innocent archaeologist to a...
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    Injustice: Stage Arena Discussion

    Well, I looked all through the thread and there's no thread specifically about the arenas in Injustice. SO here it goes: So far, these are the confirmed areas we're gonna fight in once the game comes out so far: Metropolis (Regime Era) Gotham City Arkham Asylum Themyscira Fortress of Solitude...
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    RE 6 Battle of the Heroes: Chris Redfield vs. Leon S. Kennedy

    Well, based on the second trailer for Resident Evil 6, I decided to put this up between two iconic main heroes for the fans' bragging rights, plus also to prove to see who will be the hero this time in this "No Hope Left" situation. Chris Redfield A former RPD S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member...
  14. Vigilante_FireDragon

    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: The Dragon King Chronicles

    Well, it's been a while since I posted a story on here. It's not my best one and it's still incomplete, but I'll post the 1st chapter so I can get some opinions before I do the rest of the chapters up before posting on here. Here is the 1st chapter and table of contents: I. Origins and...
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    BloodSport War Story-Version 2.0

    I will be posting new chapters every 2 days or so. Here's the 1st 2 chapters or episodes: The Storyline a. The First Struggle-1,000,000,000,000 B.C.-200 B.C. b. The Birth of the Sacred Warriors-300 AD c. Rise of the Dark Lord-March 2005 d. Year of the Assassin-April 2005-June 2005 (BloodSport...
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    Noob Saibot Thread - "We share blood. We are not brothers."

    Noob Saibot "We share blood. We are "not" brothers." About Noob Saibot: [/spoiler] Gameplay Style: Noob is an absolute zoner type character. He basically relies on his shadows to keep his opponents at a good distance. He can draw them in with his Black Hole, or catch them off...
  17. Vigilante_FireDragon

    Sheeva Thread - "For the Shokan!"

    Sheeva "For the Shokan!" About Sheeva: [/spoiler] Gameplay Style: Sheeva is all about damage from her grapples and knockdowns. She has some good mix-ups, although it's somewhat slow, but makes it up with good damage and knockdowns. She has two unblockable specials. Make use of them...
  18. Vigilante_FireDragon

    Scorpion Thread - "Vengeance will be MINE!"

    Scorpion "Vengeance will be MINE!" About Scorpion: [/spoiler] Gameplay Style: Scorpion basically relies mainly on offensive attacks and pressuring his opponent, thanks to his overhead attacks, Demon Fire and Takedown. Although lacking a variety of high/low mixups, he makes it...
  19. Vigilante_FireDragon

    POTC: At World's End Summary

    Saw it on Thursday night and it was much better than I expected, especially at the battle at the whirlpool. Give all your comments, good or bad, say whatever.
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    Most gruesome and favorite MK4/MKG Fatalities Ever

    How about your most favorite or gruesome MK4/MKG fatalities you have seen or done in the game and what good reasons you said that choice???? Mine is Reptile's Face Chew because how nasty he eats the face up and the blood splating out of the head before revealing a bloody skull. Very gruesome...