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  1. Johnny_Hardwood

    Jason Glitched

    I have MKX Limited Edition for ps4 so I should have been able to download and play as Jason early but it seems to be glicthed somehow. It says purchased and even when I try to re buy it ,an error code pops up and even freezes sometimes :???: I even have the damn online receipt confirming I...
  2. Johnny_Hardwood

    Johnny Cage confirmed.

    Not sure if you guys can see this since I just screen shot it from my phone, but I totally called that Stunt Double variation ( shadow clones ftw!)
  3. Johnny_Hardwood

    Johnny Cage confirmed.

    Johnny Cage nd Mileena confirmed by Amazon. .. Im liking that Mileena costume tho, nice detail its giving me a Prince of Persia vibe from it especially with her bein in a Bazaar. Cages outfit is meh for me , hopefully he gets one like his Mk9 arcade ending as his traditional tournament/...
  4. Johnny_Hardwood

    Lack of.....

    I just wanted to know you guys opinion on the lack of Mk4 characters nd lack of females within MkX SO FAR. I know the roster isnt even out yet but judging by the way its shaping up and the "leaks"all the returning character slots will be filled by characters not introduced in Mk4. As for...
  5. Johnny_Hardwood

    Johnny Cage confirmed.

    All hail Kang +Cage tag team!
  6. Johnny_Hardwood

    Kang Banged + Caged

    so I made this thread for my expert ladder mains Kang nd Cage I talk alot so be prepared nd feel free to add your opinion of course Im an animation student nd martial arts fanatic so I know for a fact Jeet Kune do (Bruce Lee style that they both share) would look amazing in this game. Id see...