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  1. Qaton Inaborgan

    Am i the only one that wants Shao Kahn as DLC?

    Yea you know, i'm totally in loved in this game. One of the best fighting games ever. They have almost everything here that you want in a MK game. The only thing that lacks in my opinion is one of my favourite characters SHAO KAHN! I hope they get him as dlc. I really really hope. He's just...
  2. Qaton Inaborgan

    This is what i feel towards MK9

    This clip explains it all.
  3. Qaton Inaborgan

    Someone should make a "Fatalities on Kratos" compilation clip!

    Alright look now. I'm new to the forums and i respect everybody and no i'm no fanboy. But wouldn't it be funny if someone made a clip were it shows every MK character doing their fatality on Kratos? The thing is that, i like Kratos, but it's just so funny when you see the almighty god getting...