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    Survival mode and 90% complete MKSM

    OK check this crap out. I went to midways site in search for an answer why I am always stuck out the loading screen after I beat level 3 in Survival mode and this is what they are saying - What is Survival Mode? The content, being called “Survival Mode” by some gamers, was removed from the...
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    Boss Rush Mode?

    Ok guys I know this msg shows up here and there when you die but, has anyone discovered this yet? I wonder how you unlock it. I have found every secret know to man in single and ko-op. They should go ahead and let us know what the crap this means unless they are pulling are chain just to make us...
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    Ok. Well so far I have found about 2bugs so far in the game. First off, in Goros's Lair when you need to block the Oni, if you keep on fighting one after another without blocking none, the game will go black and make a buzzing sound. This also has happened after I beat baraka and went into the...
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    Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks PLAYABLE DEMO

    To anyone it may concern, Just thought I would throw this information out there. Both Offical XBOX and Playstation Magazine will have a playable demo of Shaolin Monks in Sept issues. It will be a 10 minute demo with using only Liu Kang. Also, here is the link that takes you to the site...