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  1. UZI

    Two more Stage Brutalities (2nd Kove and Jungle)

    So this came with the patch too... 2nd Kove Stage Brutality (Hold 3+4 while performing an uppercut) - seems to have different outcomes... and the Jungle Stage Brutality: EDIT: There is even another one...
  2. UZI

    Erron Black has a secret Brutality!

    Here we go... I think this came with the patch!
  3. UZI

    Secret Fight at the MK2 Premier Tower

    I just discovered it somehow. Don't know how I did that but it's after the 8th opponent (and before the 9th).I played 3 rounds (loosing the second), performed combos, a xray etc. I guess I wasn't blocking. And the secret fight is Kitana in her mournful variation...
  4. UZI

    Play without variation

    Since this wasn't posted here yet I will do... When you choose a variation just tap UP two times and then press Y/Triangle. Some seem to have a full moveset this way like Kitana.
  5. UZI

    WBPlay Account

    Hey folks! Does someone want to share his account for unlocking the costumes? I'm playing the game on a mobile phone that isn't really up to date for this and causes lots of glitches and crashes. Its just for unlocking... Thanks!
  6. UZI

    Bugs in the Krypt

    Is there someone else who can't open some chests? For example at the spiked pit and the acid falls. What is this? It doesn't even show that they can be opened. One of them contains Kung Jins Bullseye brutality. Is there a way to achieve the brutalities on another way? Gambling or something?
  7. UZI

    Hidden Stage Brutalities

    So I've read that there are at least two stage fatalities, one in the dead woods and one in the market place. Does anyone know how to pull them off?
  8. UZI

    Fatality Names

    Like one can see in the last Kombat Kast they have added the Fatalities in the pause menu. Here I list all Names that were shown during the last Kast. I thought it could be interesting... EDIT: New names from Kombat Kast 7 added! EDIT: Even more Fatalities edited... Kano: Head Case (Close)...
  9. UZI

    Raiden's new X-Ray leaked!

    Here we go...
  10. UZI

    Goro and Release date revealed.

    Boon posted some hints on Twitter the last days... He is hinting at Goro... what do you think about it? MOD EDIT: Goro Revealed Release date: 14th of April, 2015.
  11. UZI

    PAX Prime Gamespot Interview - Johnny Cage confirmed? Here's an interview from the PAX Prime Event. They talk about Cassie: - "Can you fight her as Johnny Cage?" - "Yeah you can!" It was already confirmed by the GamePro magazine but here again.
  12. UZI

    New GamesCom Interview by TheKombatTether Some new details!
  13. UZI

    DLC Characters won't show up anymore

    I have a problem with my Mortal Kombat 9... I downloaded the DLC characters back in 2011 and everything worked fine... till now... Last time I had some problems because the DLC's didn't show up in the selection screen (downloaded costumes and so on still work fine)... restarting the game...
  14. UZI

    Translation of the GamePro article

    The first two passages are not important. In the first one they talk about Mortal Kombat itself and in the second one they just talk about what the placeholders in the roster could be etc... ok now we come to the remaining article. I tried my best to translate it. My English isn't perfect so...
  15. UZI

    Problem with MK2 on SNES

    i thought this is a normal glitch but found nothing around the internet... problem is when i try to fight against noob saibot (winning 50 fights in a row) the game crashes right before the text message appears... the winning strike symbols which appear on the screen are totally glitched before...
  16. UZI

    Test your Balance

    does anyone have the game already? i tried to discover whats up with the deaths from test your balance but theres any videos oder information about it...just the few deaths we have seen in the trailers...
  17. UZI

    Logic Errors in MK

    i wanted to open a thread and to collect all the logic errors in MK... i think it´s interesting to see what they have forgotten or what looks weird... - if you do sub-zero´s x-ray and crush the opponents liver... the liver is still getting impaled when you do the pit fatality - strykers...
  18. UZI

    European MK players aggreaved...

    i think every european (and maybe japanese) MK player has the same problem... i would like to download the classic pack and skarlett but... theres no DLC for european users... the DLCs work only with the US version of MK... has someone heard of a european version which works with the PAL MK?
  19. UZI

    Stage Fatalities - Distance?

    does someone know why the stage fatality distances are mentionded as "varies" ? every stage fatality so far had the distance "close" so is this maybe a reference to more stage fatalities which have to be performed from another distance?
  20. UZI

    Test Your Luck Question

    i´m wondering if you can increase the slots in "test your luck"... the only possibility i have seen is to increase difficulty... but is it possible to increase the slots from 4 to 10 or more like it was in the challenge tower?