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  1. Phlfwd22

    Uhhhh can anyone else not play right now?

    Loaded up the game and it freezes on the WB page... Even tried signing offline so I don't think its an update.... Is this a network thing or am I SOL since I didn't buy insurance on the game
  2. Phlfwd22

    Dat Ending, Doe! (spoilers... Just play the game already!)

    I think there's a few story threads but I wanna talk about that ending in this one... What the hell was that with Raiden at the end? I don't think he's neccesarily "corrupted" by the jensei at the end, just pissed that Earth keeps getting attcked. He said he's still protecting Earth, just that...
  3. Phlfwd22

    Future Raiden?!

    Did anyone get their future Raiden skin from wb play yet? And do you have instructions if so
  4. Phlfwd22

    So... Is story unavailable for anyone else?

    Mine is red and I can't select Story from the menu. Anybody else getting this?? Also... I'm not seeing my WB Raiden skin even though I'm logged in.
  5. Phlfwd22

    MKX Fight Pad

    Anyone use one? And is it worth the $50?
  6. Phlfwd22

    Final Big Boss Guess - **POSSIBLE SPOLIER**

    **WARNING - Although highly unlikely, the below MAY contain spoilers, although unconfirmed. Do not read unless you, like me, are willing to jump to conclusions regarding MKX's upcoming storyline! If I'm right, this could spoil a major surprise/plot twist** So here's my thoughts... Based on...
  7. Phlfwd22

    Carl Weathers vs. Predator

    Do you think there will be some specific dialogue when these two fight? I don't think different skins make a difference usually but Neatherealm might throw in an Easter Egg or something. Also, I wonder if he has only one metal arm with this costume instead of two like Jax. ALSO...