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  1. Mr.Scorpion77

    Kung Jin's role

    What are you alls thoughts on his fit in the story and how will he interact with his cousin TGKL jr?
  2. Mr.Scorpion77

    Where have you been Kung Lao?

    Just like Raiden, I want to know where my buddy's been. Hopefully story mode will go into great detail on Him and the other back to life defenders. Why has he aged so significantly over the others such as Kenshi, JC and Sonya? Kuai Liang and him seem way older than Kitana, maybe they were freed...
  3. Mr.Scorpion77

    Thoughts on a strategy guide

    Who feels NRS should release a guide for those of us that like having them? I like the fact of having them so you can learn everyone's move set. I think having one will help with the exploration of other kharacters and satisfy most of the hardcore fans. Your thoughts on guide books for...