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    Mortal Kombat Trilogy combovideo by NinjaGrinder: Deranged Kombat Trilogy

    Morbid Kombat Trilogy was originally released on 2004 but Ded was kind enough to record all the kombos again. Not only he flawlessly reproduced every single kombo, but he even upgraded some of them. He also recorded some other ideas of his own, as well as some other kombos that I discovered back...
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    UMK3 video tutorials (runjabs & anti runjabs tactics)

    UMK3 video tutorials (updated 2016 Shang playthrough) Hello, everyone I just registered on TRMK but I've been watching it since... forever lol I decided to go ahead and post to share with you guys a couple of UMK3 tutorials I made so anyone can learn this important tactic in the game...