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  1. Ninja Brazil

    Action figures fighting screenshots

    I hope you enjoy (Always Updating):
  2. Ninja Brazil

    My MK stuff collection, show yours...

    Hello world! Here's my mk stuff I've been collecting. Show yours too, if you don't have pics, just enumerate it. :) action figures: games: movie: ps vita with mk game: t-shirt: goro statue: rayden bobble head:
  3. Ninja Brazil

    Sonya Blade custom action figure

    Posted better pictures...because Sonya deserves! BIGGER AND BETTER SIZE PICTURES:
  4. Ninja Brazil

    Mortal Band

    What if the Mortal Kombat warriors became "stage warriors"?! The link for better quality pictures:
  5. Ninja Brazil

    Sonya Blade custom action figure

    Hi folks! So this is my Sonya Blade action figure from Mortal Kombat. For the base was used the DC Power Girl action figure, wich was repainted, put a ponytail. A leather jacket was also made, and accessories. This is my favorite so far, I am simply in love for her. Thanks for having watched and...
  6. Ninja Brazil

    Tsung Throne room handcrafted diorama

    Hello kombatants! This is Tsung's Throne Room diorama from Mortal Kombat. Was made handcrafted with coloured papers and Chinese decorative objects (the dragons). Thanks for having watched and I hope you all enjoyed! Nando Link to bigger size pictures...
  7. Ninja Brazil

    Warrior Shrine background maquette

    Hey guys, more artwork to you. This is the background Warrior Shrine from Mortal Kombat 1, one of my favorites scenarios. Let me know if you enjoy it, or any sugestions will be welcome. Thanks.
  8. Ninja Brazil

    GORO action figure (MK9)

    Hi fellows, I pretend to post some art work that I have been done recently. This one is Goro from Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) made with DC figure Etrigan as the base and the armor parts was made with Sauron (LOTR) armor. Add some details like the hair and loin-cloth, add some painting work, and...