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    Ko-Op Red Coins

    I noticed there are some red koins that are exclusive to ko-op mode. Can anyone tell me what these koins unlock? There seems to be a comprehensive list of them here, but no description as to what they unlock: Thanks!!
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    MK Action Figures!!

    Hey guys :) I'm selling some of my MK action figures. Here are some links! Ninja Pack (4 inch): Ninja Pack (6 inch): Scorpion/Sub-Zero Bookends: Let me know if you have any...
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    Just Maybe (MK3 Skins)

    I was thinking, maybe the exclusive skins on the Vita were a timed exclusive. MK Vita came out about a year ago - maybe the exclusivity will expire soon? Wishful thinking, but it's very possible.
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    DLC Noob = Hidden Noob?

    Hey ya'll, Is the DLC Noob costume the same as the Noob costume from the hidden fight? If not, is there any way to way select the hidden Noob attire? Thanks!
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    wow this looks like alt ermac
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    Idea: Swapping Primary and Secondary Attires

    I think it'd be rad if you could swap a character's primary attire with his alternate attire. That way, when you're playing ladder/tower/etc, the opponent will appear in his alt attire instead of his primary. I'd especially love this for Smoke and Ermac. What do you think?
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    Challenge Tower thoughts

    Hey gang, It's taken me 3 weeks, but I finally beat the Challenge Tower (w/out paying to pass any of the challenges)! Overall, it was a cool new feature and makes you a much better player, especially since you can't change the difficulty. Although there were some really interesting...
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    Noob/Smoke alt attires..(minor spoiler if you haven't seen their alts)

    Anyone else in love w/ the alt attires for Noob and Smoke. It's so good to see them have their traditional, palette-swap ninja outfits back!!! I still hate Smoke's primary outfit, but his alt is perfect!!! Kinda reminds me how Sub-Zero in MKDA had his old man look as his primary, and his old...
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    DLC/Ninja Idea

    I'd love to see them release packs of DLC based on the ninja appearances in MK1-MKT. In my opinion, the male ninja classic costumes in MK9 are based on MK1 (soft cloth, soft mask). I'd love to see MK2 (mask with vents), and then MK3 (sleeker design). The female classics in MK9 seem to be...
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    Starting New Campaign

    Suppose I were to start a 2-player campaign, get halfway through, and then start a new single player campaign. Would I lose or retain the secrets collected during the 2-player campaign? Would it make a difference if I beat the game during the 2 player campaign (i.e. would I retain/lose secrets...
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    MKDA/MKD - unlock everything?

    Were there any codes/cheats to unlock everything in MKDA/MKD? Or do you have to play through the konquest/arcade modes? My xbox hard drive crashed, and I'd hate to have to redo everything... Thanks!
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    Classic ports

    nevermind thanks for th help
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    MKSM - Ko-Op Koins

    hey everyone, thanks for being so helpful lately! i've decided to dig up my MK games in anticipation of MKA, and ya'll have helped me with all of my questions! In MK Shaolin Monks, I was wondering if there is any way to get the ko-op koins without playing with someone else. none of my friends...
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    MKDA - betting kurrency

    Hey folks, I've beaten all of MKDA, except I have some pesky onyx/platinum koffins left, and I really don't feel like playing through arcade for the next year just to open those koffins. I read that you can somehow bet your kurrency in versus to increase your amount w/ out taking from the...
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    Possible XBOX Premium?

    Hey guys, I was pretty bummed to hear xbox wasn't getting premium treatment for MKA, however, do you think these new renders of subzero/scorpion, shang tsung / liu kang will possibly be used for xbox premium packaging? maybe it's just wishfult thinking, but they do look a lot like the ps2...
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    Replaying MKD Konquest

    Hey folks, Once I complete Konquest in MKD, can I replay it and find things I may have missed before? How will the replay be different than the first time? Thanks!
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    MKDA: Cyrax Konquest (Mission 9)

    Hey folks, I have completed everyone's Konquest missions in MKDA except Cyrax's! In mission 9, I'm stuck on the last (I believe) combo where you start in sambo (second stance), punch 4 times, pop him up in the air by switching to the blade, and then finish with the spin kick (down, back, 3)...