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  1. Kona

    Photo Edits - I got bored!

  2. Kona

    New band logos and name ideas.

    My band still has no members or a name lol so here are two name/logo text ideas. My personal favorite out of these 2 is RTD. ^ ANO, I like the name and text, I think I should have made it bigger and darker and got rid of the lame X's lol.
  3. Kona

    One Piece

    A background I couldn't find a single render to put on it. :hmmmm: Anyway, rate it as a b/g if you can lol.
  4. Kona

    Guitar Hero 3 Info Thread and Opinions

    I won't be making a full info thread just some basics. Also post your opinions on what you have heard so far. Game to be released October 28-29. Track List as of September 20th. (Bold is Master Track) "3's and 7's" – Queens of the Stone Age "Avalancha" - Héroes del Silencio "Barracuda" –...
  5. Kona

    Boredom = Finally a new sig

    A new sig fitting the whole devil/666 theme I have been using..and yes I am aware it is the same render as my old one. I like it though. Rate and comment active members if you wish.
  6. Kona

    Saw Iv

    Who's going to see it? I think it is coming out October 28th, but I could be wrong. I want to see it, sounds chilling.
  7. Kona


    First of all the point of this thread. Go to and type in something you would normally look for information on Wikipedia(music, games, movies, ect). Now at the top there should be some quotes and further down the page sometimes Trivia. Yeah, ok so now copy the funniest ones...
  8. Kona

    A few new summer pieces

    Been kinda held up with school too much and havn't been doing much art, but I managed to come up with another TRMK proud sig, a Slipknot-type sig, banners for the new GH game and some more. So, take a look and rate/comment please. Faces of Mario Good Vs. Evil Concept Guitar Hero: Rocks...
  9. Kona

    Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's

    ~Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80's~ (This might be in the wrong forum..if so please move to console gaming and remove this text please mods.) :) Official Boxart Refrence: PSU member - ray_xcoolx Published by: RedOctane Developed by: Harmonix Genre: Music Number of Players...
  10. Kona

    Hardest Hitting MK Game Yet

    According to this interview with Boon ( ous-/pg/49/aid/90027) MK 8 will be the hardest hitting, fighting game and it will be dirtier then ever. What are your thoughts on what is going to happen to the franchise? Regarding Ps3...
  11. Kona

    ~ Koopa ~

    From Essex, England comes the indie punk rock band KOOPA. Anyone here listen to them or ever heard of them? I like them a lot, they don't have many songs out, but they do cover 500 miles and I enjoy that one. (by the Proclaimers) If you like indie/punk then have a listen on their myspace...
  12. Kona


    I need to stop making art at detures my ability lol. These were all just practice banners and logos. Babylon Pink was a request from someone, the other is just a simple design for text logo on a plain b/g. C/R if you want.
  13. Kona

    Sigs: Lemmings, Prince, and Wendy's?

    Been getting back into art...slowing. Music has taken over my life and I am trying to push the whole band thing as well. Here is the first one, Lemmings sig. My favorite of the 3. Next is a sig for another forum I go to, I have been using that one mech sig on that site for over a year so...
  14. Kona

    Sig and Art Banner

    New sig, not too hard, but I was following a tut that I only used once I think. Sig turned out....ok in my opinion not what I was hoping for, but it shall do so please comment. This is something I came up with over the weekend and finished last night. Simple yet effective art banner that I...
  15. Kona

    Another One: Slogans

    Slogan generator time because I got a good one off the site for TRMK and I think it can be fun to see what you all type in. Come to Life. Come to Trmk.
  16. Kona

    Poem: Heaven Free (Last in 'The Story')

    Last poem in 'The Story'. R/C please. Floating to the sky beyond, like leaves blowing in the air. We are both content and can not wait, without a worry and a care. Heaven Free is the place to be, where we can reunite. It is a peaceful place, happy, where we won't have to fight. After we both...
  17. Kona

    Band Banner and Sigs

    Did this last night, experimentation with layers and effects. I like the background I came up with. The first is the banner for the band and the second is the sig I was going to use for the forum. KMFDM Sig I made two nights ago. Could be better, another experiment sig since I have been...
  18. Kona

    A Little Late On The Holidays...

    Simple little holiday wish to all the TRMKers here. Two logo designs for my band. Heh...
  19. Kona

    The stupidest thing I have ever written

    This was posted on another forum I go to: Idiots....they are just songs dammit. They say AC/DC and Twisted Sister 'praise the devil', what crap. Your thoughts?
  20. Kona

    Aftermath - The Tragedy

    Another part of 'The Story'. Read 'The Beginning' first, it won't make more sense (I write weird), but that is the order for this series. Rate and comment please. I might be entering these soon. Our story is done, we are complete. This is the aftermath, the tragedy. We walked this Earth, too...