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  1. Gouki

    Character usage stats updated in PS4 26 MAY

    Now what did I miss!???!
  2. Gouki

    Anyone Else Disappointed With the Story Mode?

    If I had known all this was going on....
  3. Gouki

    [SPOILER] Everything about story mode. Pics, videos, discussion, etc.

    I mean dude...c'mon now. But, I mean, I guess that was sort of the MK4 ending kinda, Rule by Kitana's side as King of Netherrealm...FOREVER
  4. Gouki

    MKX Kompetitive player discussion

  5. Gouki

    Rage Quiters in MKX should they be penalized?

    What did you say...?
  6. Gouki

    MK9 Characters You Wish Will and Will Not Return In MK10?

    Yea...and they can afford to skip out on a game or two, it aint goin hurt.
  7. Gouki

    Ed Boon counting down to something on Twitter?

    MK:X is the new game? Not caring for the new logo design however...
  8. Gouki

    Will we see MK create an elder goddess in the future?

    Like that translucent chick over there with the short hair and "clearly" some tits...?
  9. Gouki

    Liu Kang for MK10

    Scarred!? Hell no. You can put a lid on that option...
  10. Gouki

    MK movie update/MK Legacy discussion

    Okay Shin as Liu, I guess...if we are taking Liu's OG backstory as a monk, if they decide to do more with this 'neutral/bad liu kang' i might suggest someone else. Kung Lao- Ideally, Id get the guy who played 'seraph' from the matrix to play Kung Lao or Donnie yen(if only he were a tad bit...
  11. Gouki

    MK movie update/MK Legacy discussion

    ^^^Kitana ALL DAY...except, she aint got no Tits or no Ass, and its a damn shame too. :( In fact, here is Kitana AND Liu Kang right here ;)
  12. Gouki

    MK movie update/MK Legacy discussion

    Voltron came out in the 80s. Power Rangers was adapted from Japanese 'Super Sentai/team' series that's been around since 75' ... ^^ The very first "Power Rangers" from 1975, aka the 'Gorengers' ...In a long running generation of "Power Rangers/Super Sentai" Here's to 35 years...
  13. Gouki

    Your wishlist for MK10

    Okay, Okay. bare with me. this is scorpina from MMPR. Her outfit would be 'scorpion like' on it like this pic of scorpina. but not that ugly. and not with that head peice. actually she'd have her hair out and long. she'd have a different move set from scorpion, but he main gimmick would be...
  14. Gouki

    Your wishlist for MK10

    1) Sub Zero was not SHOWN doing EXACTLY what Frost does in MK:DA, so it is FROST's Move. MK9 does not count because that was AFTER frost(and her moves) was debuted. Does not matter who's move ws inthe works, what matters is the FINAL product and in the final product, Frost got the move as her...
  15. Gouki

    MK movie update/MK Legacy discussion

    I dont hate tremor but i dont care for him, never have, he is a shit char from a shitty game. period Tremor is known as the brown buff ninja. im sure they wont stray too far from that concept and he will still be classified as a Ninja char. especially given the lack of attention he already...