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  1. FobinenHege

    What MKX needs to improve..?

    It's been a while since MKX has been released so instead of focusing on one specific thing like story, or in general how awesome the game is, I would like to hear from you guys, what are the main things that need fixing, polishing or complete re-design? I'm creating this topic because I'm in...
  2. FobinenHege

    PC Version / General Discussion Thread

    Stream downloading has been great fail so far. At least even Boon has commented on problems:
  3. FobinenHege

    MKX's future with gameplay balancing

    I've been very interesting in watching tournament matches in fighting games past few years, mainly MK9 and SFIV. When MKX is released, I'm very eager to see how tournament scene is going to evolve, especially since Boon and Netherrealm themselves have said that they are very interested in...