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  1. BlackWarrior

    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

    If anybody has Street Figher Anniversary Collection (Third Strike), I'm up for a game. I'm pretty bored over here.. *yawn*
  2. BlackWarrior


    I don't think this has been brought up yet and I was a little interested anyway. Most of your usernames are pretty obvious as to why you picked them, but some are a little out there. So I was wondering, what (if there is any at all) is the background to your username and why you picked it?
  3. BlackWarrior

    I call it web art

    i made this for a friend. it reads "Linkin Park!" criticizm please. forgive me if i have posted this before :oops: . ===== EDITED ===== I apologize for the was perfect until i resized it.
  4. BlackWarrior


    whats up with raidenfighter, anybody know? did he just leave or is he at MKO, or did he get banned ( i know he used to flame alot) :? just curious, and a little concerned because he was pretty cool in my opinion.
  5. BlackWarrior

    For the guys....

    would you bang her? this is not intended to be vulgar, just an experiment... there is something...well...different about this hot chick... props go to whoever besides Midget...
  6. BlackWarrior

    R.I.P. Molly Hesselbrock

    i know probobly none of you care, and i dont blame you, but one of my good friends passed away yesterday from leukemia and cancer. i just felt that she should be recognized somehow. You will forever be in our thoughts.
  7. BlackWarrior

    Midway Treasures 2

    two words: l like! :lol:
  8. BlackWarrior

    Khameleon...or Chameleon....whatever, i dont care

    i dont mean to ask a newbie question, but i just looked up on the cheats on this site for MKtrilogy: how to unlock chameleon (hold B+R+HK+HP when highlighting a ninja until the battle) and nothing happened! :x what am i doing wrong?
  9. BlackWarrior

    Signature Pics

    SycloneFX recently made me a sig pic...... but i dont know how to put it in the sig box :oops: ive tried EVERYTHING......but obviously havent done SOMETHING right......could somebody pleeeease help me?
  10. BlackWarrior

    Most Hated Character!

    i'd like to thank all of you that replied in the "The Best Ninja" topic, and would also like to know who everyones least favorite character is. this could include that the character is too cheap, to friggin hard to beat, or anything else that you would like to say. thank you everone. :)
  11. BlackWarrior

    Who Is The Best Ninja?

    i know there has been a lot of debate about this topic, so id like to hear what all of you have to say.
  12. BlackWarrior

    MK Gold

    does anybody know if this game is worth buying? i havent really gotten a straight answer yet, but from what i have been hearing, it is like an expansion to MK4 with new characters. is this true?
  13. BlackWarrior

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody

    if you clicked on this, soory, but there is nothing in here. this is just a tribute to the ol' turky day GOBBLE, GOBBLE!!!!
  14. BlackWarrior

    New Version of MK w/ Trilogy Graphics

    In my opinion, midway should produce a MK with the graphics of the MK3, MKT, or MKU3 games, but still include ALL previous MK characters. I like these the best. For example, Tanya would look like a yellow version of the Kitana, Mileena, Jade and Khameleon of MK Trilogy. Another example would be...
  15. BlackWarrior

    MK Trilogy: Glitch?

    last christmas i recieved trilogy for playstation 1 as a greatest hit because it is DOPENESS! ...anyway, whenever i beat the game, let the continue clock run all the way down, or win in 8 player kombat, the game freezes. it still says "you win, shao kahn is no more" and all that, but then just...