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    Kabal in MKX trailer

    I just saw kabal in his win stance from mk3 in the new faction trailer Just noticed a pic like this in the 13 leak thread. If a mod reads this Delete thread if possible. Thanks
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    Lifesize Scorpion Head (video)

    Here is a lifesize head I made for my scorpion statue, I posted a thread a year ago about my costume but didnt post much after that, here is the head I'm making, not done and I dont know if Im going to use the mk movie or legacy mask Dressing the mannequin, still missing a few pieces but...
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    Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 confirmed

    These guys just met up in canada where they filmed legacy 1 but there was no announcement of cyrax and sektor so it wont be a surprise if they come back, most of the youtube comments are asking about those guys.
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    Pop Shock Culture ninja lineup

    i think the first in line is scorpion Im on my phone so if someone can post those pictures here and find any info on that release please let me know.
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    MK Character Nationalities

    Is there an official list showing where all the characters were born, at least their country or region. Something like Johnny Cage - United States : California Subzero - China etc Etc If not can someone create one or use this thread to update an official list?
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    Something i noticed about scorpion winning sequence

    When scorpion wins in his stage he cuts the ground and teleports only to reappear in his same spot, anyone else noticed this? It doesnt affect the game but just something i noticed.
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    My Mortal Kombat Movie Theme Remix

    The genre is hardstyle, very hard kicks and bass, sound quality and instruments could be better but I decided to upload to youtube anyways and get some criticism before I upload a better version, what do you guys think??
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    Humorous MK Art

    I really like this thread, I know there's gotta be a ton more funny MK images and gif files out there, but heres what I found.
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    Play as Reptile Unmasked glitch

    I dunno if it has been posted before but a while ago I found this glitch while swapping fighters during tag practice, if you swap Liu Kang and Reptile he loses his mask and you can use him unmasked until you use a special move. I haven't tried his second costume but I will just to see what...
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    My first 3d Model, Scorpion

    I've always been good at drawing, but recently I've been trying to get into 3d, and finally I started to get a hold of it, I decided to work on Scorpion, I'm not following any model from the game, I'm taking the liberty of creating my own, I plan on doing a few more characters in the future, Not...
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    Scorpion's endless Pimpslap

    I guess she didn't make him enough money that day :laugh:
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    Who makes the costumes for the ninjas???

    First of all i know there is no logic in a game but i thought it would be fun to debate this. I recently made a real life scorpion costume and it was not an easy task, i've been asking myself this question, all the ninjas have similar costumes even if they come from different worlds, do they go...
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    Features missing from MK9 that are present in the first trilogy

    Here is a few features, arenas, characters etc i noticed missing from this game that would be really cool to have in the next mk. Some of these have been debated for months while some have never been mentioned on this board. Feel free to add to the list. 1. Animalities (mk3) 2. Brutalities...
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    Making a Lifesize Legacy Scorpion (WIP)

    Here is my work in progress on the MK Legacy Scorpion lifesize figure, and of course, I could wear the costume if I wanted to but It will be on the mannequin 99.9% of the time, this is not a hard to make costume, but I will be doing more buying and putting together than making myself. I will be...
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    My MK ninja masks, do you collect any MK props, replicas, or costumes

    Here are the masks I have collected so far [/IMG] Just wondering if anyone here collects MK masks or any other costume, replica or prop piece.
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    My human Scorpion sketches ( WIP )

    I haven't done any sketching in probably a decade, but mortal kombat has inspired me enough to give it a shot again, in just a few minutes I came up with a few rough sketches, my personal favorite, scorpion , you can see his eyes because at this point he is still human, you can probably notice...
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    Observing Mortal kombat, noticed some funny errors.

    Nothing major, and no complaints. mk is my favorite fighting game, just some minor errors ive found during the time ive been playing, I thought it would be fun to share. 1: The ps3 version, the cd select screen features scorpion holding one of his swords, but you can still see his 2 swords on...