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    Arcade Endings & Story mode. What's next?

    Having seen all the tower endings and finished the story mode I have to say, while MK9's story and endings were okay to bad, this one is just awful because they had time to learn from the past and didn't. I get that for the arcade era and early games there was little need for endings to make...
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    Game already being sold (in Holland)

    At different stores, have personally seen it at media markt in Utrecht. It has Goro DLC, so free even without pre-order. It has Goro on the cover as well, permanent reminder of DLC ;)
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    MKX roster vs. 3D era MK games (positivity thread)

    Move to this general discussion if you like, I just wanted to point out something and see how people feel about the following: MK games and all fighting games for that matter, have had a lot of great fighters you immediately and repeatedly played with and fighters that you just didn't play with...
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    Revived MK1 pit stage [pic inside]!!

    What you guys think? It definitely looks like the pit stage where you fight Reptile with the pilars with spikes on it, dead bodies and some type of zombies roaming around. Could be a mobile unlockable stage?? Speculate guys!! :)
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    [Prediction] 100% sure there's a 2nd set of DLC

    Watching the stream and them saying they cannot comment on future DLCs, it's pretty much set there's more to come! I just hope they will work with some guys from the story mode since some already look so cool and upgraded they they deserve a shot as opposed to 3/4 (Tanya / Tremor might make an...
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    MKX DLC - Is it enough? (DLC/Costume Spoilers)

    Think of the possibilities, I totally forgot the scary glowing eyes Predator showed when he came out of invincibility.
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    April 4th Twitch Event & Live Stream Featuring Goro!

    NetherRealm Studios Netherrealm · 8 min. 8 minuten geleden Goro Lives! First look Goro game play and more! #MKXonTwitch All access stream from 1 to 6PM PST, that is nuts!!:bird: STREAM LINK:
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    Ed Boon Gamespot interview: Tremor in because of fans demand Is there any one demand from fans that was most prevalent, that is present in Mortal Kombat X? "Character roster stuff has been a big one. There's a really big push for the obscure character we...
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    Roster screen not final

    How about this roster :D
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    Shinnok's dead appearance

    I've been wondering about his appearance since the story mode trailer, but especially since the leaked achievement list. The eyes in particular are interesting. It seems they have a little layer over his eyes, thus as if he's dead and has no pupils. He had the white glowing eyes at the ending of...
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    Goro unlockable or not?

    Goro can be had now or later, both times as DLC, so does that finally deconfirm the option of unlocking him or not? I am still confused.
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    Mortal Kombat: Fantasy characters

    Yesterday, someone made a good point about Shinnok's look and how he fits the fantasy type character which is true. He could easily have come out of a Lord of the Rings movie or something similar. This got me thinking, which MK characters in general and specifically MKX characters, would fit the...
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    Late cuts of MK9

    Just trying clear some things up that have been claimed about MK9, a game I did not follow that much. Supposedly, both Tanya and Fujin almost made the game, true / false? If true, based on statements and would they have been main or DLC? Any other character NRS / Boon have alluded to for MK9?
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    Roster screen not final

    Yes I know, the leaked roster has all the characters we know about so far but for months now, they've said the roster screen / slots are not final. Wouldn't it be odd if after so many claims it is not final, it was final all along?
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    Perfect game to send Baraka packing

    While I am a big fan and he's probably my favourite character of the series, because of his unique and evil look, unique and special moves + story potential, I could live with him not being in any 'main' games other than the Trilogy's and Armageddon's from here on out IF they include him in MKX...
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    Reiko and or Havik at least having a chance

    The #7 comics is not coming out till June, which is when Havik's plan will be unveiled. Seems to be more than a coincidence for that issue to come out after the game and after revealing Havik and Reiko wanting to become blood god in the last one, to focus the next two issues on Kotal Kahn...
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    Fatality ideas

    With one fatality leaked Let's spitball on the possible 2nd one: * Grabs character with lower arms, lifts him up, cracks his knuckles slowly and slowly lifts his arms all the way up in the air (think the movie where you see the oponent already getting scared like Art Lean). Then he unleashes...
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    Havik & Reiko's in story mode?

    With Shinnok's imprisonment part of the MKX story mode, how come people easily dismiss the part of Havik & Reiko since it happens AFTER? Reiko has been part of the comics from the beginning, not just a small appearance. Then there's the fact they are after the amulet, after the daggers and...
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    Non-Humans in MKX vs. older games

    Let me start off with saying, Baraka is my favourite character and I just love the non-human characters in general since the MK universe is all based on mythology and fantasy. Now MKll is my favourite despite the low numbers of non-humans playable. With plenty of people seemingly disappointed...