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  1. Kamal

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    He might be able to appear mask-less no matter the skin (similar to Sub-Zero). An example of that for Sub is seen in this video: If you look at the on-screen displays during the win poses of the 16-Bit vs SaucyJack matches, you can see the characters Gear pieces above the Player Kards...
  2. Kamal

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    Unsure if this has been discussed yet, but anyone else notice this when watching footage? The Warrior Shrine is used as the menu icon for one of the modes that was hidden in the Reveal Builds. What do you all think? Warrior Shrine confirmed for a stage, or do you think it will be directly...
  3. Kamal

    PS4 Guest Account for Player 2 Issue

    Hi all, Playing local multiplayer for MKX I have friends using a guest account. The problem is, even though I have unlocked all the Fatalities, Brutalities ect... within the game, the completed moves list for each character only appears for the controller tied to my account. Anyone run into...
  4. Kamal

    What do you don't like about the game?

    Well on the plus side it looks like the dev team wasn't fond of the "traffic light" talk going around for Kano either. Looks like they changed the yellow variation to blue. Speculation on my part but it looks to be the case in this pic: Bad news, you guys will still deal with his variations...
  5. Kamal

    Anyone going to the PlayStation Experience?

    Anyone able to go to this? PlayStation Experience Sony has been pretty tight lipped about what will be at the event but in the above blog post it says "an exclusive first look at what’s coming next in 2015". I'm posting this in the MKX Forum because history has shown that Sony and WB appear...
  6. Kamal

    Changes /Tweeks you would make from what we've already seen!

    I would change the step back the X-Rays and Fatalities have seemingly taken in the small details department. I love the minute details and polish NRS usually has in their games (another reason I feel their games are far above the rest) but it seems MKX is dropping the ball currently. - With...
  7. Kamal

    PAX Prime 2014 Impressions

    This first article doesn't really reveal anything new besides that for PAX, the demo has the X-Ray Meter full at all times. Wish they would've announced MKX before PAX tickets went on sale...
  8. Kamal

    Kano Reveal Trailer

    Yeah the Jungle looks awesome! Anyone notice how the fighters can get covered in mud depending upon how much they hit the ground? I really hope NRS has the time to keep adding and polishing up the small details like this!! It's what makes their games yet another step up above other fighters in...
  9. Kamal

    Kano Reveal Trailer

  10. Kamal

    New-Gen Second Screen and Camera Features

    - I was hoping this would be a cool feature to have if a new Mortal Kombat game were to be released on the Wii U platform but it seems that's not going to happen anytime soon. A perfect feature for the Gamepad would've been to have a "smart" moves list that would update according to what was...
  11. Kamal

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Yeah, you guys should not start making plans to send information out about this project. The more noise you make and the bigger this thing gets, the more likely it is to get shut down! @Justin - Track sounds way better than your original version! Great stuff! P.S. Here's some awesome images...
  12. Kamal

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    No hair you say?? What do you call this on his chest then? And this? Just because the hair didn't appear on a low resolution sprite doesn't mean he didn't have the hair to begin with. Plus, it's really up to artist interpretation. The hair should stay.
  13. Kamal

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Hey guys, Ed recently posted he found some of the maquettes they used in the original trilogy in his basement. It's a smaller image but I figure these could come in handy as they're in pretty good shape compared to some of the other versions of Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva that have survived over time.
  14. Kamal

    Stage Fatality Input

    How do you guys hope the Stage Fatality inputs work in the new Mortal Kombat? The detailed descriptions are below: Every character has a unique Stage Fatality input universal to all stages. Every character has their own input for all stages. Therefore, if there are 26 characters in the game...
  15. Kamal

    How to make a Poll??

    Okay I know you have to check-mark the box that says "Post a Poll" and then you can input the number for how many items you want in the poll. What I'm stuck on is what you do next. Do you have to click "Submit New Thread" before it asks what you want the actual votable items to be? I've hit...
  16. Kamal

    Facebook video with THE COURTYARD!! Click on Liu Kang. It's his video! Shows a bit more than the Courtyard though too ;) Backgrounds include: The Courtyard!! Shang Tsung's Barge (nevermind the facebook app shows it really small, looks more like a beach now with busted up...
  17. Kamal

    MK 2011 was shown on Nikita tonight

    Just thought I'd add this so people know and want to check it out. Not really a big deal but it was a cool little Easter Egg I thought. On the WB TV show Nikita, they showed the new MK for about 5 seconds as some bad guys were playing it lol.
  18. Kamal

    Witch and broomstick silhouette appears in MK 2011's Pit!!

    I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen this video: Showing Santa and his Reindeer flying past the moon at the very end. Well re-watching the Konsole Kingz interview recently I noticed the witch also appears in the Pit! Confirming there are definitely...
  19. Kamal

    GameTrailers Reveal: Jax/The Subway

    The promo claims they're going to reveal not only the character and arena but also Fatalities (yes it's plural) as well as new details about the game and a look at their mo-cap facilities! Should be a pretty cool segment! Looks to be a lot better reveal than this weeks MKast...
  20. Kamal

    New Ed Boon Interview reveals X-Ray attacks may have lingering damage on Characters! In the interview Ed talks about how X-Ray attacks may actually damage the character in more than just health bar (ie you're character can't block for certain amount of time or your character may slow in responsiveness) Interesting development no?