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  1. Kryptonite

    Edward Snowden Lands in Moscow / Requests Asylum in Ecuador

    As I was typing this, news broke that Snowden is requesting asylum in Ecuador so I've edited it. I'm not surprised that Russia has allowed Snowden to use their country as a safe passage to another country for asylum. With the US's war mongering in Syria and now trying to arm Al Qaeda militants...
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    The Mosquito Ringtone

    Not sure if any of you have heard of this, but there's a new ringtone that older adults cannot hear while kids/teenagers can. Here's the link to read more about it.
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    Official Basketball Thread

    NBA Champions! Suck my ass, Khaos.
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    Any vets here? Got a dog related question

    Ok, I was at work and just wondering what would happen if you have two mut dogs: one part husky and part chow and the other the same mix (it could be any of two mixes but the dogs have to be mixed with the same breeds). If you continously breed them, would it be possible to eventually get a full...
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    Through the Looking Glass

    You can view the full article Here: Enjoy and don't forget to bust a nut or two on your face ;) One of the most powerful memes, or repeated messages of both religion and advertising is, "You are incomplete and you need another person." So, very early...
  7. Kryptonite

    How is this going to work? (DK/Reptile)

    Well, I got the game informer in the mail today and saw all the characters again and read all the new shit. What I don't get is that the Dragon King and Reptile were both shown, and the Dragon King is still in his form as if he was still using Reptile's body but then Reptile is back. Do you...
  8. Kryptonite

    Fucking piece of shit hotmail

    Is anyone else having problems with this son of a bitch? Most of my emails are hotmail and it's taking AT LEAST 3hrs for the recipients to receive my emails. It's getting really annoying, and I'm about to switch to my Yahoo accounts. I'm just wondering if this is a common thing that happens...
  9. Kryptonite

    FAKE: Frozen Meat

    IE Might not be best to view this, so if you have Firefox, I suggest you use that or save the animated fake to your desktop and view it if it doesn't load right. This fake I've been working on for the past two days. It's my first animated fake. I started off by doing a still image (listed...
  10. Kryptonite

    Kickass game It's hard, but you'll get the hang of it. 8)
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    Hurricane Wilma

    Well, it's 3pm, and I just woke up a little while ago. If I didn't put the shutters up and leave them up after Katrina gave us a visit, I'm sure there would have been a countless amount of trees coming through the windows. I got totally wasted, too, but I passed out around 5:30 am. I pissed on...
  12. Kryptonite

    Vivitar 35 digital cam help

    Let me start off by saying that this cam really sucks ass. I cannot seem to get the resolution better no matter what properties I change the cam to or what the lighting source is. Do any of you have this POS digital cam? If so, what am I doing wrong here, or does it just take crappy pictures? I...
  13. Kryptonite

    MKII on MKSM Secret Characters

    I know Smoke isn't in it, but what about Noob-Saibot and Jade? How do you fight them if they are?
  14. Kryptonite

    New Credit Card Scam

    Got sent this in an email and thought all of you would like to be aware of this. I'd probably be suckered into this if they called late at night or right when I come home from school.
  15. Kryptonite

    Junk Food

    Ok, this thread is to basically tell about how much and what junk food you consume on a daily/weekly basis, what junk food you like. I've been on a Taco Bell/Burger King/McDonald's/Wendy's kick for awhile now. Ate nothing but them for over a month (except the cereal for breakfast). But every...
  16. Kryptonite

    MK4 Jade and Sheeva Renders

    I fooled around in Photoshop and remade my Jade render that I lost, which was made from Kitana's body, Mileena's mask, and I made the staff that makes her look like a stripper ;). I always thought of Jade as being black, so I made her skin dark instead of brown. I also made a Sheeva render just...
  17. Kryptonite

    The ? box on character select in GC

    Since it's been released, what is that? Is it just a select random character option, or a secret character?
  18. Kryptonite

    Reptile's "de-evolution"

    -Spoiler, I guess. From MK4, Reptile has been looking more and more reptilian. But now he is the Dragon King, or at least the Dragon King is controlling Reptile's body. My question is that if Reptile never got ahold of the Dragon King's spirt or whatever, would he still look how he does? If...
  19. Kryptonite

    Dragon King's Fatality?

    Does he have one? All the bosses have had fatalities (except Shang Tsung from MK1 I think). I don't have MKD yet, but I was wondering if the Dragon King has a fatality.
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    Has anyone reached the sub-boss yet? I'm really curious as to who it is.