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    what has changed?

    apologies if this is in the wrong place but i got the original MK9 and now most likely going to buy the Komplete edition but i am wondering what has changed between the versions? i have looked at character changes but because it has changed multiple times i am unsure which changes are for the...
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    thinking about trying a few new characters

    i am not good with Raiden, Mileena, Shang Tsung, Kabal or Quan Chi pretty much me and my brother are picking 10 characters each that are ours and so far i have picked sektor sonya cage ermac kano noob cyber sub but i am unsure of who else i should pick and my main choices are between the...
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    anyone a fan of the genre? i do love old linkin park(hate to admit it) but my fave rap rock band is a little local band called a broken silence they seem to have while overly simplistic music and lyrics at times very good lyrics and i love the sound of their music...
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    the prototype series

    anyone a fan? i loved the first game and i am so excited for the second one, i really did not expect them to go in the direction they did with the second game compared to the first(storyline wise i will not say what direction they are going in because i do not want to spoil anything for...
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    characters you wish *SPOILERS* do not read thread if you have not finished the game

    which characters do you wish survived? truthfully im only really disapointed by noobs death i hope he will come back
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    good video game shows

    sorry if this is in the wrong place but does anyone know any good game shows on tv? for example x play managed to find the most annoying people in the history of humanity to host their show, attack of the show seem to be trying their hardest to compete with them for the most annoying hosts(i...
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    creepy/scary things that have happened to you

    feel free to post creepy things, i have not go anything too creepy apart from i was walking my dog one night and i hear this really weird sound that i cannot explain, it was extremely dark while i was walking my dog and i was not sure if i should keep my ipod on(i was using the light from my...
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    character you dislike the most in storymode?

    dont kill me for saying this :P but for me its gotta be Liu Kang and Raiden(who just takes forever to do anything and orders everyone else around though i do understand why they did this)
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    help with final boss

    okay i suck at the game i had trouble with the "last boss"the first time i fought him, after numerous losses i finally am fighting him for the last time(eventhough if i mention names im sure i will not spoil it for anyone but i will not just to be sure) what is the best play to fight agianst him...
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    most underrated character

    just wondering i'll be putting a poll of every character i read is horrible and heard others say he/she is underrated sorry if i create too many character related threads, still an interesting topic imo
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    zero punctuation review

    sorry if this has been posted(dont think so because i did a search and nothing came up) the review is ment to be funny so while i dont agree with much of what he said i still found it funny
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    kano vs noob

    who do you think is the better fighter in the game? no storyline spoilers please i just heard both characters are very similar and now that kano got changed(with an update) im wondering who is better i know it can be an opinion thing so i'll include a poll im just trying to decide who is the...
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    LA Noire

    anyone interested? it looks like alot of fun but i am not sure it will have much replayability but it did get 5 out of 5 which is very impressive
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    vs cpu and cpu vs cpu mode

    would anyone like a vs cpu mode along with a cpu vs cpu mode? since me and my brother are choosing 6 characters each to be ours we could fight the cpu characters against each other(imagine cpu vs cpu tag teams) and would increase the replay value for me alot but also a vs cpu mode is something...
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    character tier list in terms of how they look

    just wondering people's tier list in terms of how much you like the look of the characters i would have cyber sub zero up the top, with kano and baraka up there i wont do the full list right now but i will later
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    who are your 6?

    me and my brother will each be picking 6 characters, so he will pick his first then i will pick my first then he will pick his second then i will pick my second and so on till we both reach 6 characters, we will pick the characters we like the most in the game, the point of it is a competition...
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    what difficulty setting do you have it on?

    and how well do you go? beginner for me and i still manage to lose some(not many) matches, im not too good at the game but i only spent 3 hours on the game without a tutorial
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    tag team ladder question

    tag team ladder is pretty much the same thing as just normal ladder but with tag teams right? if so are the tag teams random or fixed? i would love them to be random i know in the normal ladder mode you randomly fight about 7 characters but in tag team ladder are the teams randomised? for...
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    very scary V8 Supercar crash i saw it live, im so glad everyone was alright though, scared the hell out of me
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    difficulty level in story mode?

    can you change the difficulty in the story mode? i heard you cannot which isnt a good thing for me cause im possibly the worst person in the world when it comes to fighting games :P and if some people here are having problems with story mode then i dont know how im going to get through it