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    Small but stupid programming mistakes

    There are several minor mistakes in the old games that are hardly ruining the gaming experience but they could have been easily fixed... MK2: stage fatality combination not working on The Dead Pool, generic combination used for all characters MK2: Shang Tsung stage fatality combination not...
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    Mortal Kombat Trilogy Nintendo 64

    This one is such a mess! Edited roster and random arenas aside, what's with the music tracks being messed up? I wonder if they had to change them up to make it seem it was a "special version" compared to PSX. I also think the arena cycle sometimes gets screwed up and the order is not the same...
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    The Official "Why Sonya?" thread

    I am a bit puzzled by her inclusion yet again. She has appeared in all MK games except two of them. However, I recall that she was absent from MK2 because according to arcade stats she was the least popular character of the first game. Of course fans demanded her to be back in MK3 and she only...
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    Roster Speculation

    Based on Kickinwing420's post from the descendants thread, we might be in for another shocker reveal soon...