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    Poor Scorpion

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    [APRIL FOOLS] Ed Boon Announces Playable bosses/ Shaolin Monks/ MK4 Arcade

    Per Twitter!!!!!!!! "You should make the bosses on MK9 a DLC. I would love to play as Shao Khan. EB: That's exactly what we're doing." "my buddy and I constantly argue over who is better and we'd like your opinion. Scorpion or Sub-Zero? EB: Tremor=best" "Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct...
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    I'm looking for some new speakers for my room set up. I have 40 inch HD tv and the sound is not quite cutting it. Anyone know a little more about audio? What brands are good? Places i could buy from? how many watts? Looking for something nice that will cut it for a 14 x 12 room. Any help from...
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    NetherRealm Studios Changing Structure

    Looks like NRS posted 6 new available positions on their website. New jobs for animators, engineers, and artists. Also looks like the (sound/editing) engineer position was taken down or filled not too long ago. The online/ networking position has not been filled yet. Maybe they are being...
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    Little Help Please?

    Hey so I know I am a little late to the party but I just bought MK9K edition... BEST BUY HAS THEM ON SALE FOR $40 RIGHT NOW (thanks ed boon) I rented the game when it came out but wanted to wait until it was cheaper. So my question is (for those of you who consider yourselves advanced...
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    So... anyone know if this is true?

    Saw this video posted earlier. NHm_SJ6gT2c&list=UUOK_WWWZ21imEOGvd1LVUBg&index=9&feature=plcp does anyone else know if there is any more info of the Vita extra costumes being unlocked on MK9 complete when MK9 for the vita comes out?!? That would be amazing, but a bit skeptical.