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  1. robwill80

    MK:AK PC bugs

    I've found 3 bugs in MK:AK for the PC. Either that, or I'm just too dumb to think of a way to fix them myself. :P 1st bug - I can't find a way to play a local 2-player game unless (I think) two gamepads are present. I can't map keyboard commands for Player 2, or reassign a sole gamepad to...
  2. robwill80

    A Motaro boss fight or more DLC characters?

    I know there are other Motaro threads deeper down the boards, but I don't think this poll has been done. The Tremor vs. Cyber Smoke poll made me wonder how nostalgic people are for the old days of MK Trilogy. Now that Rain is being added as DLC, nearly all of MK Trilogy's roster is in MK9. If...