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  1. johnny cage

    Scorpian DLC problems

    I heard that Scorpion is out to purchase on Xbox live but I do not see the download in the Xbox 360 marketplace or if I access the in game DLC availability list. I have fought two Scorpion players online so I know he is available. It shows that Red Son pack 2 and the Blackest night pack is up as...
  2. johnny cage

    Gifs and Pictures

    I know this is not related to the game but could someone please tell me how to put cool Gifs on my profile? I'm not sure how to do it and have tried looking at my profile and there doesn't seem to be an option to put a Gif in. I also see people with cool custom images on their profile (not...
  3. johnny cage

    Injustice Player Card Glitch

    There is probably another thread for this but I could not find it. When I try to view my player card in online mode to view my online stats it will not let me and will not load. I can however view other player's online hero card, is everyone else having this issue? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks
  4. johnny cage

    Tips on how to beat the games

    How do you beat Goro? In Mortal Kombat 1 how do you beat him? Ive tryed a million times and cant find a trick to it. Does anyone know the best charactor or style to beat Goro?
  5. johnny cage

    Costumes for people other than ninjas

    Can we please get some alternate costumes for people that dont have their mouth covered with a skarf? (I would just be happy with a JC alterante but a Baraka and Kano alternate would be cool too) Also, Am I the only one who finds those ninjas all the same? they are all so angry "vengence will...
  6. johnny cage

    get all MK Dragons

    how do you get all three? what does it mean?
  7. johnny cage

    Disc or download?

    Is this a downloadable game or can you buy it at a store? (IE:disc)
  8. johnny cage

    I Need Help

    So I turned on my xbox and joined a king of the hill match, It showed that I have 0 king of the hill points (I had 2100) I thought that the host did something to prevent players from seeing each others records. So I adventually leave the match and join a room. It sayed I hade wins 0 lossess 0...