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  1. medeasin

    Mortal Kombat Cosplay Thread

    My brother took a picture of me as Kung Lao with this Sindel and then his computer broke. Oh well.
  2. medeasin

    Mortal Kombat Cosplay Thread

    I dressed as Kung Lao at the New York Comic Con yesterday and today and engaged in mortal kombat with Noob and Smoke. I liked Noob's light contacts and black fingernails. Nice details. I'm totally going to eat a triple scoop fudge brownie sundae after this weekend.
  3. medeasin

    Player 1 Advantage?

    Sorry if this is posted in a frame data thread somewhere but I couldn't find it. This article seems a little suspect when it comes to analyzing MK9, but the part about Player 1 having a frame advantage - is this true? The rest of the MK discussion seemed a little too simple. Sure there are...
  4. medeasin

    Master All Fighters issue

    So, I'm trying to get the 24 hours per character thing through Tag Practice mode and rubberbanding a button each night. It's worked at least half the time or more, but sometimes, the time logged for a character will reset back to before the practice session. It's happened with Cage, Sonya...
  5. medeasin

    2 Kreated Characters

    I thought I read somewhere you can have 2 created characters per profile on the Xbox. Is this true, and if so, how do you do it?