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  1. FlawlessVictory

    Super Street Fighter IV

    Hey guys Every since I bought the game, I've noticed that the matchmaking, or at least the availability of fighters online, is pretty lacking. So if you play SSF4 on Xbox or PS3 (Playstation for me), feel free to put down your PSN ID here IF you play often, when you'd be available, and throw...
  2. FlawlessVictory

    MK1 Wasted Money

    I may be the only one who thinks this, but doesn't it seem like buying the MK1 pack was a waste of money since now they're releasing all mk originals free with the compatibility packs?
  3. FlawlessVictory

    Mass Effect Fans! ME2 DLC 50% in Voting!

    Hey guy, if you haven't seen it Xbox Live is holding a poll for all Gold members to vote for what the next DLC of the week should be. Right now one of the choices is 50% on Mass Effect 2 DLC, so if you have an Xbox Gold or you play ME on the PS3 and just want to show the love for fans, go...
  4. FlawlessVictory

    The Warrior's Way

    Not sure if you guys noticed this, but all of the posters in the Subway level have been replaced with an ad for a movie called "The Warrior's Way" scheduled for Blu-ray release 6/20, yesterday since the patch X) I heard it was pretty bad
  5. FlawlessVictory

    Looking for a Scorpion sparring opponent

    Sooo, I got into a tournament recently, and my first match-up was a Scorpion against my Mileena. To say the least, I freaked out and didn't respond to any of the things he did, I have a habit of being a little nervous. Anyways, he destroyed me 4 out of the 5 rounds. He was actually a pretty...
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    Chip damage for the win
  7. FlawlessVictory

    Jax Costume Patch

    If I'm not mistaken, there was only 1 costume for Jax when the game released, except for in Story Mode where his arms where intact. But with the patch, there's a costume 2 with his arms. Didn't notice this before, pretty interesting.
  8. FlawlessVictory

    ~Musical Kombat~

    I discovered recently that I can enjoy games a lot better when listening to music, despite them already having their own soundtrack and sounds. I had a nice streak of crushing record boasters, KOTH rebels, and legitimate fighters online during a smooth combination of Ozzy and Coheed and Cambria...
  9. FlawlessVictory

    Question about The Tomb Raider series

    Hey guys, I was never a real fan of the Tomb Raider games, and the only one I played in my childhood was The Last Revelation. But recently I got back into the series with the 1 hour trial of Tomb Raider Underworld and had a lot of fun with it! My question is though, which is the best game to...
  10. FlawlessVictory

    Smoke Ragequit

    Come on, really? As I said in the description, he has a 97:4 win loss ratio or something like that.
  11. FlawlessVictory

    Kung Lao and Smoke balance (Recovers)

    Is it just me or do Smoke and Kung Lao have ridiculously quick recovery times? It seems that it's almost impossible to do anything but chip damage to Kung Lao if he's constantly teleporting and countering when he's attacked. And Smoke's Smoke Trap...yeah, can be blocked if you know when to use...
  12. FlawlessVictory

    Sonya Spam

    So I was fighting a Sonya-Ermac duo and I noticed that Sonya has the ability to do a kick attack ( I think it's her back 2) infinitely, each kick stunning me long enough for her to do another. I tried breaking it, but there was no specific block that stopped it, it just randomly happened. Even...
  13. FlawlessVictory

    Tag Team Avatars

    Hey guys, I'm sure a few of you have seen my avatar, but I'm getting into making Tag Team Poses for avatars and signatures if anyone is interested. This is my style You can request as much as you want, I have no bounds in terms of specific poses, text, and colors. Only rules are it can only...
  14. FlawlessVictory

    Top 5 Lamest MK 2011 Specials

    Now I'm not usually one to criticize this new game in any form, but I want to see what other people think :) #1 being the lamest 5. Johnny Cage's Crotch Punch 4. Kitana's Fake Out 3. Cyber Sub-Zero's Ice Bomb 2. Quan-Chi's Sky Drop (it's effective, but really akward) 1. Kano's Grab
  15. FlawlessVictory

    Why I love Sheeva

    I laugh every time I use Sheeva's air grab on Shao Kahn whenever he attempts to do his x-ray. With any other character, I'm like "OH CRAP, NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW". But with's just as simple as down toward square. Doesn't even need to leave the ground :)
  16. FlawlessVictory

    Altered Beast Reference

    So I'm at Challenge:#188