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  1. Bllake

    MKX Character Videos

    I've been working on videos for the characters in Mortal Kombat X. They're more like trailers. They feature several intros and fight scenes, the characters' X-rays and Fatalities, even a little bit of back-story thanks to the intros. I was hoping the TRMK community could give me suggestions...
  2. Bllake

    Future DLC Content

    This thread isn't about making your own DLC pack; it's about discussing the likely possibilities of future DLC (characters, skins, etc.) If NRS does more DLC characters, which I can't imagine them not, we know at least one will be a female, even if there are only 2 more (I'm basing this off of...
  3. Bllake

    [SPOILER] Everything about story mode. Pics, videos, discussion, etc.

    Something else I'm wondering about... Kung Lao and Liu Kang are shown here with Raiden in the Shaolin Trailer. It's clearly from story-mode, but how? If Liu Kang and Kung Lao are never revived, where the hell did this come from? Bot of them are even shown fighting Tarkatans.
  4. Bllake

    Li Mei?

    It's not Jacqui's.
  5. Bllake

    Did Gamespot leak Soyna?

    All of the characters in the faction portraits are making angry faces. Just look at Cassie in her Faction portrait, and compare that to in-game. She looks much better in-game, and Sonya will too. :)