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  1. vetalfox

    Who you want to see as the final boss in MK11?

    I saw this question in many threads, so, since people have a great interest to discuss it, i created this one. Personally, i would like to see evil emperor Liu Kang to be the final boss. He should be playable with 3 styles as in MKX, but his boss version should have all the moves from all 3...
  2. vetalfox

    What newcomer need redesign the most in MK11?

    In my opinion the answer is Jaqie Briggs, she is so bland and boring, she looks like a custom CAW from old WWE games
  3. vetalfox

    PS4 Character Usage Updates

    I guess it's safe to say, starting with number 21 all the way down to 29 not many from them will return if any. Top 9 + Kitana and all new characters (except for Ferra Torr) will sure make a comeback Mileena, Sonya, D'vorah & Goro falled like rocks, which is not good sign either. Something like...
  4. vetalfox

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Baraka never had any hair: And his skin must be greenish yellow: Follow the character, not the actor.
  5. vetalfox

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    I always thought Kano was made after this guy: Red eye, metal skull, heart rip fatality. Considering the year MK1 was made, Terminator was one of the most famous action movie heroes, so why not use him. After all most of MK1 cast was made after some action movie heroes. He even have a woman he...