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  1. Spawn16

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    I was contacted by some people that have been trying to get some work on HD sprites of old mortal kombat games.An HD revival through mugen is maybe possible.They asked me to create this thread so they can get organised and ask for help in their work.Everyone who has info and can give help please...
  2. Spawn16

    Sound problem with MK3

    I have been playing mk3 in mame a long time.I was wondering why the music in the intro is off,and i hear only sound effects.I have this game original for my old SNES and my PC,and it has music.Can anyone provide a solution?I love mk3 sound,and especially the one from the intro
  3. Spawn16

    MK HD Remix like SSF2T HD REMIX Request

    I love Mortal Kombat.Its biggest competitor and a great game Street fighter got a true HD remix.Capcom a company who has been milking DLC and their franchises in a bad way(resident evil 5 dlc,ultimate marvel vs capcom 3...),gave street fighter fans a loveletter.Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD...
  4. Spawn16

    Intro and biographies

    I miss the old mk(1-2-3 and especially 2 and 3)intro...They had great music themes and they were just pictures but they were great and put you in the whole mk universe very well.Also between the demo fights and intro pics were the characters biographies.I miss them.Anyone else?
  5. Spawn16

    Suggestions for next patch after EVO 2011

    I was watching EVO 2011 and i was thinking that it was a great show.Also it pointed(in my personal opinion)that some characters need to be nerfed.Especially kung lao.He should have less frames advantage,and maybe reduce the speed of some of his moves,or make them more punishable if you block...