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  1. ShukenshaKawazu

    glitch when being challenged

    I'm not sure if this happens on 360 but every so often someone would challenge me with a record of 1000/1000 and 1000 disconnects
  2. ShukenshaKawazu

    Arcade Champion trophy/achievement

    I noticed that in tag team, by the end it'll show the ending of the first character you selected. When I went to the Nekropolis (sp?) I had the ending of the 2nd character. does that mean we could do tag ladders so save us time for that trophy?
  3. ShukenshaKawazu

    Regarding vignettes

    I remember a while back Boon was asked about the vignettes and he twitted that we won't see everyones until the game comes out. Now I know obviously the game is out and we have only seen 6 vignettes and they have scorpion/sub-zero's on the disc but I was wondering if anyone found anything in the...
  4. ShukenshaKawazu

    question about character themes

    I was wondering if the themes would be part of an OST or something that could be downloaded/itunes. In addition, there are so many themes online but which ones are official? (just Liu kang, Mileena, and sub-zero??)
  5. ShukenshaKawazu

    friendships potentiall in the game?

    I was watching the MKcast over again and at 8:59 - they go throw Kahns arena and if you pause at that time, you can see speakers Now it might be like something the program shows that you insert background music (similar to Little Big Planet) what do...
  6. ShukenshaKawazu

    Discussion: character endings

    All chracters are probaly going to have endings like in the past MK games so what do you think some endings might be? Do you think that Raiden's ending is going to be happily ever after in the sense he helps stop Shao Kahn or do you think it's going to blow up in his face and Shao Kahn and the...
  7. ShukenshaKawazu

    lack of creativity with x-ray moves?

    After looking over most of the x-rays shown up till now, I have noticed most internal damage is on the skill/neck or chest. (minus cage with his groin punches) I know that in the x-ray video they had drawings of knees breaking. what do you guys think? agree/disagree?
  8. ShukenshaKawazu

    thoughts on klassic costumes coming from everywhere

    Now that a klassic Jade is coming out with the MK blu-ray that now brings the count to 4 different klassic costumes with 4 different ways. (not including the klassic ermac with the KE/TE) With that being said, what do you guys think of NRS spreading this all out? Obviously, it's a business but...
  9. ShukenshaKawazu

    question regarding kollectors edition

    So you get a retro-costume but is it the equivalent as pre-ordering the disc only? (ex. if you pre-order the best buy kollectors edition you get the klassic sub-zero costume). Thanks in advance
  10. ShukenshaKawazu

    do you think that...

    So it is a safe bet that Liu kang is going to be in the game, so if he is, do you think that he is going to win the tournament again in this alternate timeline?