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  1. tremor_209

    Mortal Kombat X Scorpion drawing

    Hello, guys! It's been a very very very long long time since I posted here. And it's been eons since I was active here. But, I came back just to share you this. It took me two weeks to draw Scorpion due to my tight schedule. And I'm sorry if the leather straps looks weird. I didn't poured my...
  2. tremor_209

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Guys! Did anyone posted this before? I was reading some tweets of Ed Boon, then clicked the link from testyourmight website, because of the Injustice update, and I was shocked when I saw the banner.
  3. tremor_209

    The Avengers Movie

    Who else here just watched the movie? I mean in the other country which Avengers was released early. . I've seen it. And the post credit is really jizzful. . The post credit scene implies for a sequel . .
  4. tremor_209

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Nice work man! Really nice indeed, but if you want to redo the face, I think this may help. I found it on his Facebook. . hope that'll help ya. . ^_^ Awesome work! Nuff said! :D Excellent! Looks perfect to me! ^_^
  5. tremor_209

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    I hope it's not too late to show you some pics of Ho Sung Pak. . @Mortal Gojira: the one you based is his facebook profile picture, which you can see that he is aging. I look for some pics from his album and this is what I've found . .
  6. tremor_209

    MKAK vs. MAME

    Ok! I made this just to know if how much member of this forum vote for MKAK and MK MAME. . . Uhm... For me, MK MAME is fine, but my vote still goes to MKAK. .
  7. tremor_209

    Official MK9 Sub Zero Action Figure Vs. Custom MK9 Sub Zero. Which of the two ROCKS??

    Recently I was looking for Mortal Kombat Custom Action Figure updates in After minutes of searching I found this AWESOME!!! MK9 Sub Zero custom action figure. The creator is not yet revealed, but the watermark logo is familiar to me. I think that my fellow Filipino customizer...
  8. tremor_209

    Marshall Bruce Mathers III a.k.a. EMINEM or Shady Thread..

    Hi TRMK members! I decided to create this thread so you can share how/what you feel about Eminem, how you love Eminem. TRMK had a lot of members, and I know some of the members love Eminem. So Eminem fans and haters you are free to post here. I really love Eminem since the song "Cleaning up...
  9. tremor_209

    Anyone of you noticed a handprint on Kitana's ass in her Damage Koncept?

    I found this tweet recently.. It shocked me.. RT @Antronix802009 @noobde @MK_MortalKombat how come kitana has a bloody handprint on her ass in her damage concept? Noobde: Does she? I don't if this is true, but to see is to believe..
  10. tremor_209

    What are your greatest fears/phobia?

    Hi there! Don't know if this topic existed before. But, I am here to share my greatest fear or phobia.. I hope you would share you fears too. Mine.. I only have one fear.. I feared a ****roach. ****roach is my no. 1 !!!!! phobia(blattophobia.) IDK why but when I look at the they are really...
  11. tremor_209

    Any plans for buying the new MK 9 action figure?

    Few days ago Patrick McCarron blew out our eyes for the unveiling of the new MK action figures. So I'll ask you now if anyone of you planning to own or have one? Me.. Sure I will. I earned $20 for just for 1 week for buying the figures actually on Toys R Us. And I made my aunt pre-ordered me...
  12. tremor_209

    Are you agree of killing Leon S. Kennedy in the new RE game?

    Recently I saw the trailer of Resident Evil: operation raccoon city. The trailer show's a mission of hunting and killing Raccoon City cops and Leon. and at the end a guy aim at Leon the screen turns dark and a gunshot was clearly can be heard. The game take place between RE 2 and 3. The game...
  13. tremor_209

    My first Mortal Kombat animation

    This is my first Mortal Kombat animation using Windows Movie Maker and Photoshop. I did it last 2 years. The animation is quite shaky cause I'm an amature of making animation at that time.
  14. tremor_209

    Parting Time. My favorite Love Song

    When I was young, I always hear this song. At first I thought Firehouse sang this, cause they had the same tone, but 4 days ago I just discovered that this is sang by Filipino band named "Rockstar". I was shocked and proud of my nationality. I never knew that my fellow country men sang this...
  15. tremor_209

    What would you like to see if they make a new MK movie?

    I was wondering this for so long. And I wanna share this thought of mine. If they make a new MK movie? What would you to see about it? I want Option 1 :D
  16. tremor_209

    Look what Ed Boon said.. Please explain this to me..

    I found this tweet from him.. noobde noobde One reason our designers wanted the tournament sticks with the klassic layout was cuz of the re-release of MK1,2,3! Did he say "re-release"? xD!!!!!!!
  17. tremor_209

    Hilarious tweet from Ed Boon.

    I was checking his tweets and I saw this stuff. RT @XMK_SCORPION_AX @noobde ED NORTAL KOMBAT IS THE BEST GAME EVER! Noobde: Nany thanks! Naybe we can nake the next one better? I lol'd much! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is the most funny tweet from Ed Boon and his follower about Mortal...
  18. tremor_209

    Question about Shujinko. I am really confused with him.

    Since Deception was released I was wondering about Shunjinko's origin. So I tried to play Koquest, but I am unable to finish it. Now my question is why did Shujinko got old when he is the next generation Liu Kang, which means he's younger than Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, etc. . How come...
  19. tremor_209

    MK4Strip by SORCERER tutorial.

    Okay. I was disappointed and mad cause I spent nearly 20 minutes to make this tutorial lately, and when I posted it I was logged out and when I logged in the topic was posted but when I check the forum now. It is gone... So I'm made this new one. Okay. I really don't have fun right now cause...
  20. tremor_209

    Mortal Kombat 9 Bobble Heads!!

    While surfing around the net about the new MK action figures. I saw this on entertainmentearth(dot)com. I was excited to share it, and forgetting to search if this was posted before. scorpion raiden shao kahn. It's a good design on top of your tv's.