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  1. AMES32

    The Departing/Returning Members Thread

    do they still sing songs of my mythical trolling?
  2. AMES32

    Ames plays

    Welcome to my game thread. comments and critiques are welcome. Mortal Kombat X Predator gameplay
  3. AMES32

    Regime superman is basically General Zod

    Anyone else find it redundant that Nrs is basically putting two regime Supermen in the game? General Zod- Is an aspiring dictator with a superiority complex that wants to rule through fear and intimidation. Regime Superman- Is a tyrannical dictator that rules through fear and intimidation...
  4. AMES32

    Need Help with Black Adam.

    So I've decided to go with Black Adam for my main. I'm currently playing him as a rush down even though his moveset is telling me to zone. And anyone whose played against me knows I'm not a Zoner. I like playing him the way I am right now, I just want to use him more effectively. So any tips...
  5. AMES32

    Your most anticipated game for 2013

    What is your most wanted game for 2013? Mine are as follows. 1. God of war Ascension 2. Last of Us/ Castlevania lords of shadow 2 3. Injustice: Gods among us 4. Assassins creed 3 5. Watch Dogs 6. Metal Gear: Rising Also for my 3ds 1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror Fate
  6. AMES32

    Toonami and it's new line up.

    So fellow big kids what did you think of it? here is the new line up :) -Bleach -Deadman worderland -Casshern Sins -FMA: Brotherhood -Ghost in shell -Cowboy bebop What else would you all want to see? Do you want them to return to the original line up or keep this new one and just add on to it?
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    God of war 4

    It has release dates set for 2012 and 13? it is suppose to be showen at the upcoming E3. It's has a MP component that is being advertised but I really hope not. for more info or rumors.
  8. AMES32

    New characters of other raeces?

    I was wondering if MK was to add new characters should they go for new ethnicities and monsters or stick with the set that they already have ie shokahns, tarkatan, minotaurs, wariths? what new characters do you guys want to see?
  9. AMES32

    Games review and walkthroughs

    Gonna start with the almighty God of war series Soon to come Chains of Olympus Then God of war 1 Hope y'all enjoy them when posted :)
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    Ames32's drawings :)

    If the links don't work please post. Hope you all like them sorry for the awfull quality will try and upload better looking ones. Bb I'm working on yours so chill :) enjoy
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    help me out (Ideas)

    so as many of you know art is easy but good ideas are hard to come by. tell me what you guys might want in a drawing and I'll get to work on it. please be sure to include: - characters- 1 - 5 no more then that please. - settings. - background - characters actions - if you want a stand...
  12. AMES32

    the art of war

    Dying on Mt.Olympus Kratos hears a fait voice. Deimos, is that you? Yes my brother. now get up you are a spartan we die in battle not by our own hands. no my vengeance is at an end Deimos.The nightmares are now gone it is my time to rest. No kratos! A great force is calling out for you...
  13. AMES32

    game help

    this is a thread for game help only. ~rules you must post real information (we're trying to help here). no cheat's/glitch exploit's please. don't post unless you know how to help. you can post link's or video's that will help. no gif's try and contribute. do not post random info. no console...
  14. AMES32

    kratos' story

    please bare with me i wrote this on my ps3 so stuff will be messed up? I will edit/add tomorrow so please hold criticisms tell then plz. not complete part1 dying on Mt. olympus kratos hears a fait voice. Deimos. is that you? yes my brother. now get up you are a spartan we die in battle not...
  15. AMES32

    My gifs to u

    tell me who u guys want and i'll get them for u or u can find them here ermac sub zero scorpion chameleon noob and smoke reptile
  16. AMES32

    AMES32:Ps3:games review.

    god of war 3 well were to start god of war 3 marks the return of kratos. in one of his most epic outings yet. this game is beautiful the new graphics engine will leave a stain in ur pants. each hit is more satisfying then the last the boss fights are nothing short of greatness. from the battle...
  17. AMES32

    Kratos Thread - "You will not see the end of this day!"

    Bio Ancient Greece knew no more bloodthirsty a warrior than Kratos, who for a time was the God of War. Mortal once more, Kratos withdrew from the ages-old clash between men and gods. But his solitude was broken when he was ripped through space and time. As the madness subsided, Kratos found...
  18. AMES32

    reptile combo help

    hay guys i'm looking to make my reptile gameplay better i have all his basic combos down just looking to make it better. thanks in advance. if there is already a thread for reptile help sorry. i looked and there wasn't one so i made this one.
  19. AMES32

    coolest Quan chi picture

    any one see this sick Quan chi pic. if you have any character pictures add them just think of this thread as the official character pic thread. and yes it will be my next avatar made by chood1994 so please dont use it right out from under me thanks guy's and lady bud's i made this thread...
  20. AMES32

    why the nerf

    hit me up on psn (when it comes back up) for any one that wants to fight. Question: what happened to learning to play the game is it that hard? this is not for flaming please have respectful conversations. thanks guys I use the slowest kombatant ( Kratos ) and have none of these issues...